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Skiiers vs snowboarders


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who would have thought that canadians can be rude?  I would have thought a typical confrontation be as such

patrol "hey eh, skiboarding is not allowed on our property, eh"

boarder "fuck off man, eh!"

patroler "well I see you are really passionate about this skiboarding thing so lets just go ahead and let you do it, EH.   here have some fries and poutine, eh"

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That looks like a old video and attitudes have changed, except at Alta of course.

I think there's little doubt that snowboarding had revitalized cash flow to ski areas. (I'm not a snowboarder by the way.)

With the invention of the splitboard, opinions in the backcountry also have changed because skier skin  tracks getting post holed by snowshoes or boots is less common these days.

I remember back in the early 80s when I first got into leather boots and skinny Telemark skis, a few alpine skiers would approach me to tell me my turns were too wide and that maybe I should stay out of the ski areas and head  off-piste.

It's not the snowboards or even the Telemark skis that were the problem.

Attitude is everything.

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