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[TR] Sulphur Mountain - Old Lookout trail 12/14/2017


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Trip: Sulphur Mountain - Old Lookout trail

Trip Date: 12/14/2017

Trip Report:


At the tail end of the high pressure last week, ski conditions weren't great, but you really can't waste a nice day in the winter around here.  Unfortunately, all the usual supects were busy on my free day.....What to do?  A mention of Green Mountain on the NWAC avy forecast the night before got me thinking about the Suiattle. The old lookout trail up Sulphur Mountain!  I'd seen that trail on the map many years ago and always thought it would have a good view. But then the 2003 flood isolated the TH for a dozen years and I'd forgotten about it. I'm not sure what it was about the Green Mountain mention on NWAC that jogged my memory, but I'm glad I finally was able to hike this somewhat forgotten trail.  It was worth the wait.








The old Sulphur Mountain Trail:






Gear Notes:

Approach Notes:
Old Sulphur Mountain Lookout trail. Still in good shape and easy to follow. Looks to get periodic maintenance. Last week, no snow to 5000'! That is no longer the case, however....

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I basically just went to the high point just past where you first hit the ridge.   The true summit was a bit too far for the daylight and energy I had.  Plus, it would have significantly cut into the photo taking and chocolate eating!

Tabor and Crowder really got around!  I guess it helped that it was their jobs, but still.  We used their beta for getting around Crowder to Pickell Pass last summer.  Worked like a charm!

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