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      Thanks for visiting Cascadeclimbers.com.   Yep, we are still going!    Just put a new coat of paint on the site. Still the same old community of climbers, skiers, and people who love to get outdoors. Hope you had a great 2021, and wish you the best for 2022 and beyond.  Thanks again for stopping by.

Partner for Swiss Matterhorn - Summer 2018

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I am going to be in Switzerland on a family trip in the summer of 2018, anywhere between mid-July to sometime in August. I am really hoping to be able to climb a little by coming early or staying late. I have always wanted to climb the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc.

Is anyone interested in meeting up there for such a climb? 

For the Matterhorn, I am particularly interested in ascending the less crowded Liongrat/SW Ridge (AD+ III+ (5.3+)) from Italy, and then descending the standard Hornligrat Ridge (AD- III- (5.3)) into Switzerland. You can link the start/finish of these two routes via trams and a short bit of easy glacier hiking. Although I am open to other suggestions.

I currently live in Salt Lake City, so if you're from the PNW and want to escape the weather to southern Utah, or to climb ice around SLC and Ouray, we could always climb together first. Or in the early part of summer I could see myself heading out that way for some climbs.

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Interested in doing the Matterhorn this year. Live just couple of hours away. Some trips before would be great. 

looking for touringspartners skimounteneering, climbing from early February until April 12th. I am from south of Germany few hours to Berner Oberland.

My dream before going home is doing The Twins at Columbia Icefield in Canada. Season for this objective starts beginning of April. 4 days required, camping because there is no hut. 

Have some years of experience (resume) got all gear and have car.

Also open for other suggestions. Right now in Vancouver and from mid February back in Banff.

Shout me a text on that number or call 1(604)3524260

cheers Markus (alias Peterborgi)

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