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Help identifying the best content on CC.com


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Thanks to a few of you I've identified ~250 first ascents and tagged them and ~50 "best of cc.com" posts or TRs.

But mostly I've done that work :ass:

Its unlikely that people will comb through the 250 or so FAs and figure out if theirs is included, but if you do know a classic post or TR that should be memorialized in the "best of" then do let me know!  This will make it easier to find in the future and share with your great grand children.


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On 12/6/2017 at 11:15 PM, olyclimber said:

Wow, stop the chestbeating brah! We get it! You climb!


no chestbeating.  I'm a humble wanna-be climber, weekend warrior.  I do enjoy writing narratives for trips and am proud of a few.  i'm confident you guys will improve/restore a lot of the indexing and search capabilities.  The new site really is a beauty to behold



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