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Alpinist Magazine Buyer


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A long while ago I found a someone who was a buying Alpinist Magazine sets.

I just called Chessler and the guy who answered said it was an "obscure magazine" and they don't buy them anymore. It may have been them, I don't know...they are the purveyors of rare climbing related books...seems bizarre that they would call Alpinist "obscure", but whatever.


Anyone know someone who is buying? I could list them here, but they go for a lot, and I need the money so hope to get the going rate (i.e. not sell them for a bro price). I see the lower issues going for quite a bit on Ebay,


I have 0-37 in good shape (not in plastic, but good condition). I think you can get #26 forward from Alpinist new, but the older ones burnt up in a fire so the lower numbered issues harder to find.

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Thanks ScaredSilly! I'm going reach out to them.


Jake, I would hook you up but the value and ease of sale is in the magazines as a set (for the seller obviously). Break them up and it becomes hard for me to get rid of them.


This is our pup, Ulee named him Kiba. Pick him up Thursday!:


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