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[TR] Mt Rainier - kautz 6/27/2017


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Trip: Mt Rainier - kautz


Date: 6/27/2017


Trip Report:

Kautz route in Really good shape. No ice. Easy route finding. Minimal cravasses. Boot path in place to help with navigation and steep snow.


Crossed nisqually highier than expected.

Turtle snow field steeper than expected.

Approach to 10400ft camp longer than expected.

9hr to camp.

Summit day snow was firm and beautiful.

6hrs camp to summit.

Carried over and descended the dc.




Gear Notes:

Carried extra ice screws but they were not need.


Approach Notes:

Do more calf raise. Approach is steeper than to camp muir.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Kautz route still a go as of July 29. Approach long with recommended Comet Falls trail start. No ice screws used even though rangers recommend having 6 on hand...


Suncups are great for footing in steep part, and then become a pain up higher while trying to travel.


Crevasses continue to open up requiring more side to side travel. Ice tool(s) helpful.


Carried up and over to D.C. route also as recommended by Rangers. D.C. route long as it connects with Emmons route currently.




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