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The Lifespan of Carabiners?

Raoul Duke

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I started using neutrinos in 2001, and have kept buying them for consistency. And now I have a rack of indistinguishable biners anywhere from 2-16 years old, so some have seen a lot of miles and a few small falls here and there, normal wear and tear.


I know there are rules of thumb about ropes and slings, but curious to know what other folks do about carabiners. I was thinking of just buying a big pile of new ones. Unnecessary? Wise?



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so by Petzl's criteria Fred's 75-year-old carabiners are still good to go...

I strive to retire them at 10 years, for no reason beyond paranoia. But I have a few first-generation Friends that still see occasional use when I need multiples of a particular size cam... so I'm obviously not consistent...

retired carabiners are good for racking, clipping a nut-tool or chalkbag to your harness, dedicated for aiders, and they're cheaper to leave at rappel anchors than going and buying rappel rings.


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