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[TR] Mt Hood - Sandy Glacier Headwall 5/6/2017


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Trip: Mt Hood - Sandy Glacier Headwall


Date: 5/6/2017


Trip Report:

Took a spin up the Sandy Headwall this morning. It was my first time on that side of Yocum and definitely worth the trip. There is nothing too exciting on the route itself...it's a bit like a safer (less ice fall) version of Leutholds but it's in a wonderful location and has cool exposure.


Left the parking lot at 5 sharp, got to Illumination at 6:35, skied across the Reid to the upper Yocum crossing (maybe 8500 ft) and did some wandering before figuring out the best way to cross the Sandy. Crossed the shrund at 8:25, summit at 10:10, back at the car just before 11 for 5:58 c2c. It's really a pretty quick jaunt but you get the feel of isolation unlike most of the easier Hood routes. Go give it a shot!


If you haven't done it, it's a fun alternative when the south side is mobbed. There are some cracks appearing on both the Reid and Sandy. I skied across since I was solo but a bit of glacier floss wouldn't be the worst idea.



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Oh nice! I was looking over at the spire and the Eliot thinking the gully must be fat! How was it? The sandy looks like a great ski once it corns out. It's very similar to Leutholds IMO...just wider. The surface was nice and uniform without much in the way of chicken heads etc.

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Cool, if I get a chance, I'd love to ski that this year. This is the year for it. RG was mellow beyond belief. The first step was non-existent, and the second was only about 7 or 8 feet. The schrund was the crux. We belayed it and just soloed the rest. I think the RG would make a great ski, very tempting.

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