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[TR] Coleman Pinnancle - SW ridge 2/12/2017

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Trip: Coleman Pinnancle - SW ridge


Date: 2/12/2017


Trip Report:

The rain certainly has put a damper on ski conditions out in the hills right now. It is hard to believe just how perfectly OK things were on north facing slopes this past Sunday. But the pictures and smiles staring back at me from Lightroom don't lie so I figured others may need a little encouragement as we're heading into a less than stellar weekend, ski-condition wise.


If you're casting about for a peak to shoot for on a nice winter's day, you really can't go wrong skiing out towards Coleman Pinnacle. In our case, we even had the whole area to ourselves, which was an unexpected bonus (it's pretty popular out there on nice days). As Lowell told me years ago (I'm probably paraphrasing), "There is a big difference between a few tracks and NO tracks".


Here's to the days when you the only track you cross is from someone in your own party......




































Gear Notes:

Skis, my good man, skis! Or a splitboard. Snow shoes are not allowed outside of Bagley Basin.


Approach Notes:

Park at Heather Meadows and follow yer nose.

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On this particular trip, a wee little Canon s120. It does shoot RAW though, which is key for pp in Lightroom.


Glad you like the photos! I will always accept beer for licensed use of them ;)

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Well next time we head up to Washington I'd happily buy you a beer! or if you ever head down to Bend, OR. I might have to look into a little point and shoot that shoots RAW instead of lugging my giant slr around.

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For sure, I'll always take a beer! Let me know if you are up this way....I don't usually head down to Bend, though you never know.


There are some great options out there, much better than the S120. If you want perhaps the best, try looking into the Sony RX100 IV or V.


Yeah Tim, you would have loved it!

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