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Crevasse Rescue training


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Two options


Option 1: 2 day crevasse rescue training at 400$


Option 2: A 6 day glacier mountaineering course that will go more in depth regarding glacier travel and of course crevasse rescue 1,200$


I'd rather go with the cheaper option but I also want a complete knowledge of mountaineering. With that being said I'm curious if a 6 day course would provide me that much more knowledge as opposed to the 2 day course. Obviously I would get more practice on the 6 day course but I could easily find a way to practice if that's all I would gain.



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I used to teach a 6 day course like you are asking about but it may have a different curriculum than the provider you are taking it with.


I would suggest the 6 day course. I don't know exactly what they will teach in this 2 day course but if it is strickly crevasse rescue, then it may have the same amount of instruction regarding this as in the 6 day course. But the other time in the 6 day course will have the opportunity to learn other things to help keep you out the slot in the first place, like proper crampon technique, self arrest skill and route selection / rope management. If you are solid in these and you really only need the mechanical rope skills of hauling and prussiking, then the 2 day would suffice.

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The First Rule of Crevasse Rescue is don't fall in a crevasse. Which means good route finding on glaciers, which takes practice. More practice than what you can get in two days. If you're attending this course to be a good rope team partner, but not a leader, than the two-day course may be adequate.


What you really get in a six day course is a lot of time moving on glacier, watching other people lead, and begin to build that experience that will make you a better route-finder.


I agree with Gene, if you can afford the time and cost, you will get a lot more value in the six-day course than the two-day rescue course. More "bang for the buck".


Feel free to message me if you want to talk about this some more.

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It really depends on your experience in my IMHO - really, if you have spent some time on snow/ice/rope travel and just needs some ins/outs of crevasse rescue, then the short course would work. If you are a poor man - then a copy of the " Freedom of the Hills" may be a good value. Then you take some buddies out and practice, practice - as they say in the above, seriously -- the only thing that really works is good glacier travel, and don't fall in.



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