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[TR] Mount Ann - The Path of Powder 1/2/2017

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Trip: Mount Ann - The Path of Powder


Date: 1/2/2017


Trip Report:

I've noticed that there is a dearth of the fresh summit views on the site of late. That's to be expected, of course, given the season, but we do live in a remarkable neck of the woods with year-round peak-bagging opportunities. Take Mount Ann, for example. It is nothing much to look at in summer, not much more than a bump on the ridge south of the trail to Lake Ann and the Fisher Chimneys. In winter, however, it is transformed into a fine ski outing with great fall line descents and hard to match views of Mount Shuksan in its rime-encrusted splendor.


The crowds of summer disappear and you have the powder, views, and valley to yourselves......

































Gear Notes:

The full backcountry ski kit. No need for whippet or axe.


Approach Notes:

skis, naturally

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no good having fun, this'er world's supposed to be solely for serious bidness :)


hard to gauge the average sobriety of that thare group too...

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If Gordo would've joined us, it just might have broken the internet!



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Those certainly are some beautiful photos. I especially like the guy in full race position in the second to last photo. He is ready to GO.


I assume you left from the ski area?


I was skiing Kendall that day; as I recall it was pretty cold.

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For sure, COLD! You'll notice the ice in Kit's beard....


Yep, we left from the Heather Meadows lot.


Scott, like Charlie Sheen, has one speed- GO!


Glad you liked the photos!



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Thanks again to Jason for your photos; skied this yesterday and the inspiration was this very trip report.  Snow conditions were not as stellar as they appear to have been here; but what an insanely nice day.  Beautiful views, good company, not another soul seen after we left Austin Pass, and soooooo warm!  The only time I wore a jacket all day was on the downhill.

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That's great!  Glad you enjoyed the valley, it usually is pretty lonesome back in there. And the views are never bad on a nice day!

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yeah, kind of strange how lonesome considering the beat in skin track and snowshoe trails, but I'm not complaining about that!


Hey, what does it mean that I have reputation of 1? 

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Re. current conditions:

Compare and contrast snow level/coverage with Jason's photos third and fifth from bottom.  (Not my photo, as usual I didn't even remember to *bring* a camera.)



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Current conditions as of 1/1/2018 on Mount Ann - Wicked Sick.....

How is is that we are the first up after days of no precip?



The cornices didn't all fall during the rain:


I never have the energy to go over there:


Komo Kulshan:


An OK backdrop to the final skin to the summit:



The rain certainly caused a bit of a cycle in the Baker Backcountry:


Thanks for another good day Mount Ann!


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