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[TR] The Gorge - Ainsworth Left 1/7/2017


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Trip: The Gorge - Ainsworth Left


Date: 1/7/2017


Trip Report:



My partner and I managed to do the first two pitches on Saturday morning before we were scared off by periodic cascades of ice being blown off the top pitches and hailing down on us. Although the next pitches looked tempting, I think we were walking that fine line between adventure and stupid. :poke:

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We did the first 3 on Friday and also got bombed by a bit of stuff. There are some pretty big death-cicles hanging around the top. The 3rd pitch was pretty wet and the 4th looked really wet unfortunately. Thought about going back with a super early start on Saturday but the wind forecast scared me off.


And our car got broken into at the trailhead. My girlfriend started getting charge notifications on her phone when we were on the 2nd pitch. The fucking tweakers went to Macdonalds and Wallmart! Who the hell goes there when someone else is buying!



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Sorry to hear about yer car getting broken into. It's teeth nashing frustrating in that some asswipes appear to be making a living bashing windows and riffling cars at gorge trailheads. When the snow is gone, there are visible puddles of broken car glass every few feet at some of these parking areas. It's ONLY like that on the Oregon side as near as I can tell. A stig op would be easy to set up, sadly, only Washington seems to care about rude-ass thefts like this.


Jarrett, nice shot!

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Got on this route this morning. It's in really good shape, awesome route, even with the crazy winds today (50+ mph supposedly?) bringing down lots of spindrift. Highly recommended.


We did the first 3 pitches (had to break the 3rd pitch into 2 due to lack of screws, don't ask...). 4th pitch is probably in, if you're a better climber than we are. We found the first pitch to be spicy on the curtain, and the 3rd pitch to be pretty sustained. 2nd pitch is mellow and really fun.


If the party climbing below us is on here, sorry for the ice bombs, hope you still had a good outing. Early bird gets the worm and all that...


Whole route:



4th Pitch (we did not climb this, looked hard!)



Just past the 1st pitch crux:


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