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Hey everyone.... I'm looking for new local partners to climb with. I've got quite a few summits on local volcanos as well as smaller but more technical cascade routes. I'm looking for local folks, men or women, to gym climb with and hit it up again this winter and spring. I'm not an all out rock junkie, but like to keep my skill set polished, I'm a 5.9-5.10 in the gym. Future goals would be to revisit routes like chair peak, Pineapple Express, kautz ice chute etc., as well as Alaska in a few years. I'm 36, live in Lynnwood/Everett, work at Boeing, but as the years have gone by, I've lost contact with old partners because of moves or kids etc.. Get ahold of me!

Martin 2069723892


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I'm always up for climbing, especially when weather windows open up during the winter! I also live in Seattle (98101) so would be down to meet up.


Goals are pretty similar to yours. I've already climbed the Kautz, but would love to do it again.

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Hi Martin,


I accidentally came across your post. You mentioned possible Alaska plans and I always try to keep am eye on climbers with desire to tackle bigger mountains. We can climb something locally and discuss some future plans. Locally I am open to all possible objectives: rock, ice, alpine. I live in Redmond.




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