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Found 30 results

  1. free Free random books

    Pick and choose. I can meet basically anywhere between Shoreline and Renton. They're all going to Goodwill or recycling in a few days otherwise. Salud! Mark
  2. sold! Free late 90s Magazines

    Free climbing magazines. Rock and Ice and Climbing all from the late 90s -early 2000s. All in very good condition. Pretty cool to look through. 2 decent sized boxes. Please take them all. You can text me. 619-six93- 0044 some pics aren’t uploading. Easier to look at them here. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/spo/d/seattle-freeclimbing-magazines/7325060239.html
  3. free FREE Outdoor related books

    Cleaned out two different book shelves and are passing these books on to anyone interested. I live in North Ravenna in NE Seattle. The climbing guides are generally a few decades old. I have photos of the covers if you are looking for something specific 101 Hikes in the North Cascades by Ira Spring and Harvey Manning 102 Hikes in the Alpine Lakes South Cascades, And Olympics by Ira Spring and Harvey Manning Visitor’s Guide to Ancient Forests of Western Washington Best Hikes with Children in Vermont, New Hampshire and Main by Cynthia and Thomas Lewis The Smiling Country – a history of the Methow Valley by Sally Portman French Rock Climbs by Martin Atkinson (to be clear – this is about climbing in France and not Frenchman’s Coulee) Vantage Rock – compile by Matthew Stanley Shards of Blue – A guide to Ice Climbing in New England by Peter Cole and Rick Wilcox Changabang The Washington Desert A Climber’s Guide by John Eminger and Jon Kittel Northwest Mountain Weather by Jeff Renner How to Rock Climb by John Long Face Climbing by John Long Freedom of the Hills 5th Edition The Climbing Art – Literature poetry and art for and about the spirit of climbing On Mountains – Thinking about terrain by John Jerome Ski Faster, Easier by Lee Borowski The Avalanche Book by Betsy Armstrong and Knox Williams Surviving Denali – A study of Accidents on Mt McKinley by Jonathan Waterman The Games Climbers Play – A collection of Mountaineering Writing – Edited by Ken Wilson Field Guide to Snow Crystals by Edward LaChapelle Snow Sense – A guide to evaluating snow avalanche hazard by Jill Fredston and Doug Fesler Snowboard Know-How by Christof Weiss Everest The Testing Place by John West MD Climber’s Guide to the Olympic Mountains Leavenworth Rock Climbs by Viktor Kramar (white cover) A Climber’s Guide to Washington Rock by Don Brooks and David Whitelaw (brown cover) Backcountry Skiing in Washington’s Cascades by Rainer Burgdorfer (1st edition) Bicycling with Children – A complete How-To Guide – by Trudy Bell Cross Country Ski Tours 1 Washington’s North Cascades by Tom Kirkendall and Vicky Spring Cross Country Ski Tours 2 Washington’s South Cascades and Olympics by Tom Kirkendall and Vicky Spring Breakthrough on Skis – How to get out of the Intermediate Rut by Lito Tejada-Flores Ski Skating with Champions – “How to Ski with Least Energy” by Einar Svensson Exit 32 – North Bend Rock – by Bryan Burdo (tan cover) Rock Climbing Washington – A Falcon Guide - by Jeff Smoot Exit 32 Rock Climbing Guide by Garth Bruce (spiral bound w/ photo on cover) Exit 38 North Bend Sport Climbs by Bryan Burdo (spiral bound w/ photo on cover) 100 Best Routes on Scottish Mountains by Ralph Storer Avalanche Safety for Skiers and Climbers by Tony Daffern Cross-Country Downhill by Steve Barnett (3rd edition, revised and enlarged w/ Steve on skinny skies and steep slope) Stretching by Bob Anderson Snowboard – PSIA teaching manual of American Teaching System Nordic - PSIA teaching manual of American Teaching System A Step Beyond: A Definitive Guide to Ultrarunning Edited by Don Allison
  4. free gone!

  5. free Gone!

  6. free Climbing Gear Donation.

    Hi, I am Shehryar Khattak, A 24 years emerging Rock Climber and Artist from Pakistan. I had been climbing, bolting and drawing from a young age and plan to bring a positive change by supporting the local communities of the Karakoram range, Pakistan through my artwork and expeditions but due to the lack of climbing equipment in the country my cause couldn't reach fulfillment. I really look forward to gear donations may it be used Haulbags or Pitons any bigwall material. I am happy to send my digital artwork in exchange that you can print on anything I hope someone here would like to become a part of my journey that I had started. Hoping for a positive response. Thanks Shehryar Khattak instagram.com/timetravelinglad
  7. Clearing out room in my garage and this treasured relic must go. This is a 1996 edition Bighorn pack, handmade in Bozeman, size L-XL, very much sized for tall dudes. I have a 22" torso and it fits me perfectly. This is the most comfortable pack I have ever owned (and I've had more than I can count). It had better be, because it weighs 6 pounds empty. It's worn, it's beat, it ain't pretty, but it has lots of life left. All hardware present, intact, and functioning perfectly. Volume is about 4,000 cubic inches, it has 2 ice axe loops, top and panel loading design, and a versatile integrated compression panel for your shovel, helmet, snowboard, whatever. I've worn this to the summits of Rainier, Mont Blanc, and more peaks than I can recall. It even comes with nifty Arc'teryx ice axe keepers. Here's the deal: Price is free Pickup in Seattle I don't want this to go to a collector or to some lame-o who will sell it on ebay to monetize its historical value. Send me an email (njbratton AT hotmail DOT com) with a 150-word essay describing your favorite alpine climb and why a heavy, 24-year old climbing pack will improve your mountaineering experience. Most compelling and creative essay gets it.
  8. I have two one-gallon cans of Coleman fuel that I don't need anymore (fireballs anyone?). I don't want to simply dump them. If anyone can use them for mountaineering fuel, let me know. NE Portland, Oregon. Cheers, tim.kutscha@gmail.com
  9. sold! Closed - Old AAC volumes

    Attention climber bibliophiles... I have a number of older American Alpine Club annual journals looking for a new home. Most are in very good condition. Volumes for years: 1958, 1972-78, 1981, 1983-2001, index volume covering 1929-1976 Free if picked up. Reasonable donation would be appreciated. Location: Olympia, WA
  10. free gone

  11. free Closed

  12. free Closed

  13. free Thanks!

  14. free Closed

  15. free Closed

  16. I an effort to keep this thing from the landfill, I am hoping that someone can give it the TLC it needs or find another use for it. It's 30 years old, has a couple of tears, and the hip buckles are missing. Any takers? I am happy to meet up in Portland, and maybe at one of the gyms to hand it off? I am in SW Portland just outside of Multnomah Village. Thanks! Kellie
  17. free Pullup / Climbing Training Rack

    This is free. Just come get it in Ballard. It's currently in 3 pieces, the 4x8 piece of 3/4" plywood and the 2 supports. There is a black rubber mat that fits the bottom as well. If you want it, you gotta take all the pieces. I cannot transport it for you. I had built this for pull-ups and to eventually add rock and ice climbing holds etc on it. It's solid enough to be the base of a much higher extension, which was my original plan. It won't fit in my current apt so need to get rid of it.
  18. free free carabiners

    16 old school ovals in perfectly fine condition. pick up greenwood or downtown seattle. dragon not included.
  19. free ski boots

    Scarpa Magics, 26.5. Lots of use/wear but still intact. Come with replacement buckle in case you break one. If no one wants 'em they're going to Goodwill.
  20. Cleaning out the closet and I have a couple items to give away: - AT skis: BD Havoc, 175cm. These are billed as all mountain skis, but are twin tips, which I discovered I don't like. Pretty good condition, drilled once for Dynafit binders (Mondo 27.5) - Double/half ropes. A pair of Edelweiss, Sharp, Everdry, 50m x 8.5mm ropes. Never fallen on, in good condition, but are getting to their age of mandatory retirement. One yellow/green, one purple. Would make a great woven rug, dog leashes, rope swing, etc. Pick up in Issaquah Please email if interested: daniel-p-smith@hotmail.com
  21. free Closed!

  22. free Closed

  23. free Gone

  24. free Free snow shoes

    An older model Atals snow shoes. They do not have a heel lift and one of the rear straps is broken. They are free. I can leave them out front of my house for pickup. Text or call me at 425-659-5902. In a couple days they will go to Goodwill, but figured I'd give someone a chance to grab them first.
  25. free Free Clamshell canopy project

    Free Clamshell canopy project. So yeah, life gets in the way of execution sometimes. I have collected 70-80% of the material required to make a full size standard bed pickup clamshell canopy camper. Think pop top on a VW Westy. I have; 1. Regular standard bed canopy, pewter color missing 2 of the 3 front windows. 2. The roof to a similar sized/color canopy. 3. Mechanism to a VW pop top. 4. All the thermal insulation you could ever need. 5. Heatsource HS 2000 propane heater. (Make me an offer on the heater. If you follow through on the project I'll be uber reasonable. They go for 800 new on the web) All you'll need is some rubber seal for the exterior roof or lid. Make or buy a VW westy tent. Make a supporting frame so you can sleep on the roof of the whole canopy. And replace the missing windows, should be cheap of you use plexiglas. All or nothing deal except the heater if you don't want it. Can deliver anywhere in Sno, King Pierce, and maybe the OP if you ask nicely. I included the picture of the Tacoma for design reference only. Let me know if you're interested via PM. Cheers