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Found 101 results

  1. Hi all! Does anyone have an old 8" Outback Oven Ultralight they're not using anymore? I'm looking really for the Pot Parka reflective cover to take for melting snow on an upcoming ski traverse in Iceland; I'd be happy to buy the whole system from you or just the Pot Parka, it's all great. Thanks in advance!
  2. Considering no one seemed to like the climbing there, I reckoned someone might have an abandoned copy they'd be ok with, parting with. Won't be in the region for a few months however, so would need it shipped. Don't care about condition assuming almost all the route pages seem accounted for.
  3. Looking for a pair of Forty Below Fresh Tracks size large. Not looking for purple haze or K2. If you have a pair laying around, i'd be willing to buy or rent them from you for a Denali trip in May. Kevin
  4. Anyone got a pair of these too narrow boots that don’t fit right and want’s to unload them? Looking for either a 10.0 or 10.5 Lemme know. thanks, JO
  5. Anyone have old issues of the late great Mountain Magazine from the UK that are collecting dust? You know, the Brit magazine with just the issue number on the cover over a stunning picture of climbing grandeur? The source of many dreams, including the pic that inspired the OG Latok 1 team ((Donini, Kennedy, Lowe x2) to get after it? I have a few but am hoping to add to my collection and take a trip down nostalgia lane. Donations would be GREATLY appreciated but I will pay bottom dollar (below Chessler's value) if you are reluctant to depart with your set, so let me know what you feel your collection is worth and I'll give it consideration. Thank you!
  6. Trying to track this pack down, looks like they're not making any more this year. Normal (not tall) size. Located in PDX
  7. How many old carabiners can I get for $25? As long as they're full strength, I'm not picky. Pickup in Seattle, or ship to Seattle.
  8. Trying to prep for Alaska, hoping some people coming back from their trips this season would like to offload some gear! Let me know what you got! Thing I want to Buy: Sun Hoody size medium Cerium LT Jacket or Hoody Large G2 SM 44.5. (also looking for overboots).... Down Booties Mountain Hardwear Compressor Pants Size Large Patagonia Capilene bottom Thermals Size Large Hardshell pants, size large, anything with full zips let me know what you got. OR Alti Mitts Thermarest Z-lite -20 degree bag (WM or FF, consider others) HMG that is 4400, porter preferred. 120ish Liter Duffel Julbo's with camel or zebra lenses Petzl Microtraxion (or equivalent) Petzl or BD RH ascender Pickets (I have decent ones, but if anyone wants to let go of some Yates....) Things I have to Trade: Black Diamond HiLight Tent in good condition La Sportiva Batura 2.0's 44.5 (rough shape but will let go for a steal, I love them but I need cash and warmer boots for what I am starting to do...) Black Diamond Mercury Mitts Size Medium (good shape) Petzl Sirocco old version size 1 (smaller of the two, I ended up needing a larger size so I just never used it) MH Ghost Whisperer Jacket size large Snow Peak 450 double walled titanium mug
  9. Heading to the Midwest and East Coast this summer. I'd like to round out my rack with more passive gear. If anyone has hexes or tricams taking up space in the closet, please get in touch!
  10. wanted to buy ISO NTN bindings & boots

    I'm looking to acquire an NTN setup, preferably a pin setup (e.g. 22 Designs Lynx) but also willing to be convinced otherwise. I've been skiing on Garmonts boots & Voile Switchback bindings for a long time and ready to upgrade!
  11. Hello, Hoping to buy a pair of iconic Silvretta bindings! EasyGo or even more ideally, a pair of the "Pure X-mountain." Need a size M (295-345mm). Thank you! - Hillary
  12. This is a long shot I know... Looking to replace Mountain Magazine Issues #1-#6 damaged in a flood event... Cash, PayPal, or a combination trade for other Mountain Magazines duplicate issues or other collectable gear. Thanks...
  13. Hi all, My first beacon in 1998 was a Pieps 457 Opti. Ironically, I'm pretty sure I sold it here on cc.com! I'm hoping someone may have one they're willing to part with, so I can have one to demo in my avalanche classes and have displayed in my office. I'm not concerned with the condition of the case, and while ideally its functioning even that isn't required - I'm pretty sure I now know people who can fix an old analog beacon. I can guarantee it won't be used in any life-saving application, just for demonstration and nostalgia purposes. If you do - feel free to email me directly: chris@simmonsmountain.works for the fastest reply.
  14. Hey folks! I’m looking for a scaled metal edged backcountry ski! Preferably around 180 in length. Let me know what you got! voile objective? Hyper vector? Madshus annum?
  15. wanted to buy WTB - Alpinist #0

    :Looking for Alpinist #0 Prefer first edition, will consider second edition... My collection suffered some water damage!
  16. Thank you - can pay immediately via any method
  17. Let me know if you have one that you don’t need anymore. Thanks and happy holidays! David
  18. wanted to buy Robbins Boots

    WTB Robbins boots size 11.5 or 12 hopefully in decent shape. I can always get them resoled. They’re still the best big wall shoe I’ve ever used. I know you old fukkers out there are holding some 🤣...
  19. Looking for one of these, new or used. Willing to pay $50+$10 shipping. Thanks you guys! David
  20. Looking for safety line for tree stand hunting, usually use 20' at a time. If have used rope that isn't safe for climbing because worn or nicked please e-mail me at greenmaster15@aol.com with size & cost . Thanks Skip
  21. I'm in search of a large synthetic belay parka. Mainly looking for a DAS Parka but open to a PHD Zeta, Arc'teryx Dually or similar. I'm new here. Been on MP for a long time but thought I'd try my luck here for belay parkas. Cheers! [FOUND ONE]
  22. Hello there! Looking for a ski rescue sled for sale! Backcountry ski use, lightweight. Anyone who wants to get rid of his Brooks range rescue sled, Alpine Threadworks ski rescue tarp or any other lightweight brand? Thanks :-)
  23. wanted to buy WTB Robbins Boots

    I’m looking for a pair of Robbins Boots size 11.5 to 12 in decent shape. They’re the best shoe I’ve ever found for standing in slings for long periods of times and yes, they’re old-school but so am I.
  24. Hello guys, I am looking for a missing part of my backpack (top lid) Model: Khamsin 52 Color: Inkwell (blue-black) If anyone willing to sell it. highly appreciate it.
  25. Do any of you old timers have one of these gathering dust in your closet somewhere? Ideally I'm looking for one of the forrest tools with the nut tool attachment, but I'm open to other long picked alpine hammers as well.