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Found 65 results

  1. Climbing equipment found near the base of West Ridge on 9/15...if it's yours please describe and I'd be happy to get it back to you! Rachel
  2. Found an ice screw Thursday September 27th at the base of the ice climb. Give me a description and I’ll get it back to you.
  3. A lonely draw, found Sunday September 16, high on Chalk Wave. Text me with a description and I’ll get it back to you. 503-867-6139
  4. The weekend before last I topped out on the route, and found a few alpine draws lying on the ground. Two08 six40 055four
  5. found found cam on clean break 9/1/18

    details and its yours
  6. found found cam on clean break 9/1/18

    details and its yours
  7. Found a Fitbit device on the Skyline Primitive Trail in Olympic National Park this past weekend. Send me a PM if you think it may be yours
  8. Phone with black case found at a campsite on the lunch counter August 18th. Tell me what the photo on the lock screen is and I’ll arrange to get it back to you!
  9. Found on Chair Peak, East Face: Wild Country Friend cam 0.5. Let me know how it's marked and what draw was attached to it, and I'll find a way to get the gear back to you.
  10. found Found ice axe

    I found an ice tool this weekend. If it is yours respond to me with the make and model and the approximate location and I will get it back to you.
  11. found GoPro on Mt Adams

    I found a GoPro on Mt Adams. If it is yours, give me specifics about the device to prove it. Such as model, video content, route, etc.
  12. Found an axe decending the Muir snow field on Thursday. Tell me the brand and what accessories were on it and I’ll get it back to you.
  13. found Crampons found on Rainier

    Crampons found last week on the way down from Camp Muir. Message me with the details.
  14. Found a crampon, yesterday, while descending Mt Adams north ridge.
  15. Found a single, right-foot steel Black Diamond step in crampon a few hundred feet below Camp Hazard on Mt. Rainier today. PM me if you think this is yours.
  16. Found Petzl E03 250 headlamp with newish Duracell AA batteries on the approach to Dreamer between the creek crossing and brushy tunnel. Let me know if it’s yours, and how the hike out was in the dark.
  17. found Never mind

  18. Wouldn't mind keeping it.. but trying not to accrue any more bad karma than necessary : / Let me know the model and area.
  19. Lose an axe recently? Maybe two? Give me a description and we’ll get you reunited. Text 503-867-6139
  20. found FOUND: phone on eldorado

    Found a phone right before the chute you descend to get on the Eldorado glacier- it has battery but is in airplane more. Let me know if its yours and Ill get it back to ya. It has very high battery so I can't imagine its been there long. -Ben
  21. Members 0 83 posts Report post Posted just now I found a water bottle with what looks like someone's special experience label on it, which is why I'm bothering to post it at all, in case it had sentimental value. It looks as though it says "Collides" and then "Summer Dream '15". I found it on 5/2 in the gully that leads on down to Chocolate Falls. (Seems to have been a fairly big "bootie" day. . .) leora
  22. I found a helmet with a little Mountaineer's decal on it in the gully that leads on down to Chocolate Falls. I found it on 5/2, and based on how little it had melted into the snow was probably dropped that day, or possibly the day before. leora
  23. found Crampons

    Looks like they fell off a pack. Contact me with location and brand. Found on Sunday April 29.
  24. Found on Saturday, January 20th. DM to identify.
  25. Found snowshoe on the way from Mt. Saint Helens this weekend! Please get in touch.