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Found 65 results

  1. found Found: Atlas Snowshoes

    I am trying to get the snowshoes to the rightful owners. Found a pair of Atlas Snowshoes amongst other things that were discarded and looked stolen on the side of the bike trail. I am trying to look for the owner. Please let me know what model and condition and the snowshoes are yours.
  2. Found a pair of size large micro spikes when climbing the Tooth on June 20th. There was a father daughter team in front of us so if that sounds familiar to anyone give me a holler.
  3. Please msg me if you lost a pair today! Budenmeyer at Comcast dot net
  4. PM me with glove details if they are yours. Cheers. Jon
  5. Did you loose these items recently near the backcountry access point near the Mt. Baker Ski Area? If so, please describe them and when you lost them.
  6. Found a handsome rack at Surf City along Icicle Creek at Leavenworth. DM with details to claim, I hope to find the owner.
  7. Found a phone on a climb of the west ridge of Mt Thompson. Found the phone 8/1/2020.
  8. It was stomped into the dirt at the very top of the summit. Identify it and I'll be glad to return it.
  9. If you recently climbed the SE Buttress of Cathedral and left gear to create a series of bail anchors let me know. Describe your gear and I would be happy to get it back to you. Almost all of it made the cut for the 20 mile hike out.
  10. We found a phone in the dirt at a great bivy spot at the Hogsback on Mt Baker on Saturday. Trying to find the owner .....
  11. Found a wedding band in the parking area of the Heliotrope Ridge Trailhead on Tuesday June 23rd.
  12. Saturday around 6:30 AM as I walked to my car, I came across a pair of AT ski boots strewn in the grass next to the sidewalk near E Mercer St and 13th Ave E. I didn't see any other gear around, and I didn't see any signs of a break-in/broken glass. I know that the owner is probably sincerely missing their boots! Contact me if you think these are your missing boots.
  13. We found a close-fitting black cap/hat in a gully next to the lower part of Monitor Ridge on 11/13/19. Would be nice to return it to the owner. leora
  14. Found a black iPhone 8 with Spider-Man Otterbox case on Tuesday, August 6th on the Monitor ridge route. -chad 360.567.8868
  15. I found a pair of nice, seemingly new, sturdy backpacking/light alpine boots in the Tahoma Creek bed up at Mt. Rainier, just below the famous suspension bridge. Inform me with the make, model and size (and the story about how they ended up there).
  16. I found a phone last week on the standard route up Mt Garibaldi by Squamish. Found near the camp area on Brohm Ridge. Amazingly it powers on and charges just fine! Message me if it's yours! And please describe the unique home screen picture. haha
  17. We were able to retrieve the gear of Jesse Cherian and David Anderson from Sherpa. If you know them have them PM me, if they want it back.
  18. While on the way to the North Cleaver route on Adams on June 15, 2019, we came across a 1.5-liter blue Nalgene. It was sitting on a rock at the intersection of Killen Creek Trail and PCT. Judging by the stickers, it probably belongs to someone from Seattle, or at least from the state of Washington. Pictures attached. If you know who it belongs to, please contact me by private message.
  19. Found a BD cam on the penultimate gully pitch of the SW Rib of SEWS. Not stuck and recently placed, probably just missed by your follower. Describe it, and I’ll do my best to get it back to you.
  20. found Glasses found

    My buddy found a nice pair of sunglasses while skiing near Table Mountain out of Baker Ski area. Describe them and I’ll get you his number.
  21. My wife and I found a climbing helmet this past weekend (May 11-12, 2019) on a mountain peak accessed off of the Suiattle River road. Update: The helmets owner has contacted us, mystery solved!
  22. Found an ice axe on just below the roman wall on the C-D route on Mt Baker 5/6/19. Let me know a description of what you lost and I'm happy to find a way to return it to you. -Kris
  23. Found it in excellent condition buried in the clothes closet of a Portland homeless shelter. I don't think they make these many more. Let me know the color and size.
  24. Leaving last week, found a backpack that looked like it had been rifled through and discarded. Some gear was inside. If it was yours, PM me with what might be inside and I will get it back to you!