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Found 24 results

  1. found Never mind

  2. Wouldn't mind keeping it.. but trying not to accrue any more bad karma than necessary : / Let me know the model and area.
  3. Lose an axe recently? Maybe two? Give me a description and we’ll get you reunited. Text 503-867-6139
  4. found FOUND: phone on eldorado

    Found a phone right before the chute you descend to get on the Eldorado glacier- it has battery but is in airplane more. Let me know if its yours and Ill get it back to ya. It has very high battery so I can't imagine its been there long. -Ben
  5. Members 0 83 posts Report post Posted just now I found a water bottle with what looks like someone's special experience label on it, which is why I'm bothering to post it at all, in case it had sentimental value. It looks as though it says "Collides" and then "Summer Dream '15". I found it on 5/2 in the gully that leads on down to Chocolate Falls. (Seems to have been a fairly big "bootie" day. . .) leora
  6. I found a helmet with a little Mountaineer's decal on it in the gully that leads on down to Chocolate Falls. I found it on 5/2, and based on how little it had melted into the snow was probably dropped that day, or possibly the day before. leora
  7. found Crampons

    Looks like they fell off a pack. Contact me with location and brand. Found on Sunday April 29.
  8. Found on Saturday, January 20th. DM to identify.
  9. Found snowshoe on the way from Mt. Saint Helens this weekend! Please get in touch.
  10. Maybe same owner as Patagonia jacket? Found at Farside late afternoon 10/29. It was sitting on a rock just before the turnoff to Gritscone. Tenaya Men's 9.5 (see pic), tongue says "SXR Dynamics". DM to arrange pickup.
  11. Men's half-zip (looks like a Nano Puff) found at Headlight Point on Sunday 10/29. DM with size and color to verify it's yours.
  12. To the free soloist that passed us on Orbit - found your beanie on the SCW descent, shoot me a message and I'll send it to you.
  13. Found on 8-27-2017; identify which crag and what type of gear to collect; respond to
  14. Get ahold of me if you want it back...
  15. Retrieved a stuck cam on Improbable Traverse Guye Peak. If it is yours please message me with location/model to claim it.
  16. We were the last party to rap off The Tooth on Sunday 7/16 and found a harness at the bottom of the east-facing gully coming from Pineapple Pass. It clearly just didn't make it into the pack as someone was rushing to get back to the trailhead before dark (we did not). Describe it and it's yours.
  17. Found trekking poles on Adams: see climbers board post.
  18. Found: 2 separate sets of trekking poles, found along the glissade chutes on Pikers Peak on Mt. Adams on Sunday 7/9/17. If yours, please message me with a description and I'll get them back to you. Also, good reminder to secure your gear before glissading!!! There was a lot of stuff flung along the route that day! Lol
  19. You identify the shoes so I can feel sure they find their way to the correct home! I'm poor about checking my messages, so a text would probably work best: 360 510 0717
  20. The approximate location of the found ski is 48.510895, -120.636154. We found it on the way to the Kangaroo Temple. It seems like it was there for a while since there is some mild rust on the edges and bindings. Let me know if you are missing one.
  21. Found a new pair of climbing shoes this morning (6/25) at the base of the Southwest Rib, South Early Winter Spire. Size 42.5 You tell me brand and style, and how you want to pick them up!
  22. oh no! we found a copy of Leavenworth Rock while climbing in icicle the weekend of may 20th, send me a PM with location (crag) it was lost at and I will get it back to you.
  23. Lying lonely on the Palmer snowfield on Saturday May 27, I'm sure it'd love to reunite with its mate. Looks like it's barely been used. PM me and I'll get it back to you.
  24. Found on Tuesday, 23 May. If you can describe the phone, when you lost it and where you think you lost it, then lets get it back to you! Unfortunately I don't have a charging cable for this model and the battery's dead, so I can't just turn it on and try to find anything out. Working on that.