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  1. lost pack full of gear

    HOORAY FOR HARLIN!!!!!! i just heard through the grapevine that he picked my pack up on his way home from work. you are awesome! it's good to know that there are some stand up people still around. next time anyone's at gustavs please be extra nice to the bartender!!! and thanks zonk!
  2. Middle Fork Snoqualmie Washout

    FYI i drove my honda civic around the "washout" weekend before last with no problem. the slump is more like 6-8 INCHES deep and about 30 ft long.
  3. Amount of Days for Mount Foraker

    i agree with joe in that two weeks should be plenty for the route. i think a fairly descent strategy for an average climber is to double carry to the gendarme camp and to the saddle camp. from there take like four or five days food and fuel and single carry over pk 12472(or something) and the ridge proper to high camp. from there you will have superb weather and send said mountain in a reasonable day. the ridge is really asthetic! excellent choice!
  4. Flying into the Elias region (Yukon)

    hello. i flew onto an unnamed glacier about 40 miles se of logan with wrangell mountain air. Kelly is the guys name. SUPER cool guy, came and checked on us twice just see that everything was okay. i highly recommend looking him up. i also highly recommend the area if you are looking for some firsts in a very remote setting. check out our submission in the 2001 AAJ