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  1. Strong work and excellent TR guys. You had WAY more snow on the route than we did in 1981. I will scan some slides and post eventually. Joberg and Torment were climbed the same weekend we went up Forbidden, although we didn't know about each other's climbs til weeks later.
  2. the bivy/camping is much better at the rest area about 5km north. take the Coquihalla Lakes exit. Flush toilets, picnic tables, sort of quiet spots in the woods couple hundred yards from the highway.
  3. my memory of descending Tower's gully is it is one of the worst in my 35 years the Cascades.
  4. food for thought https://www.wildsnow.com/2012/backcountry-skier-code-ethics/
  5. This tower could be called "Vegan" since it it just N of Vega Tower.
  6. Jason great job on the TR. This is the most useful TR on the West Arete of Constance I have seen.
  7. my schedule is wide open. primary interest is trad up to 5.9 send a pm if interested.
  8. anyone have his contact info, including the man himself? please send me a pm. Joe
  9. worn, but still a lot of life left. $50 plus shipping or will trade towards size 46.5 http://www.flickr.com/photos/wotanofballard/sets/72157630721643794/
  10. one Crazy Creek chair like new $10 one Therm-a-Rester $10 like new uses standard thermarest pad $20 viking NOT included
  11. sleeps 3 to 4. $150. OBO excellent condition, used only 7 nights. 11.5 lbs
  12. solid durable boot. accepts clip on crampons. light to moderate wear
  13. $40 OBO Shells in very good shape, liners have small "bunion holes" cut in them, otherwise ok shape.
  14. Dynastar Vertical skis 180cm x 60mm with skins and Ascention nylon skins + ski crampons + silvretta 300 bindings. Fits all plastic climbing boots $150.
  15. "how come you didn't go in via manning park?" It's the journey, not the destination. border "issues" might be another factor.
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