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  1. Ranger Harassment at Snow Creek

    For anyone interested in some very insightful precedents in Federal Cout Cases regarding the Fee "Extraction" Program, check out www.freeourforests.org As you'll see from the most recent court cased dismissed on Sept 24th, the comment above, is in fact correct-that unless you are observed 'recreating', it is illegal to ticket you or your car. Be sure to read John Veihman and Backpacker's position on this topic as well. It seems that John....ah, never mind. don't get me started!! Good luck in court. It seems winnable based on the story.
  2. stupid question of the day

    The most critical part in a safe crash is a good spotter-someone you can trust. Unfortuantely, that trust only comes from a few catches. The confidence to be gained from a good spotter will send you popping for those blind jugs with a smile.
  3. Excerpted from the AAC Newsletter. It is very late! Comment NOW!!!! Thanks, jim The American Alpine Club E-News March 2001 Dear Members, Several policy issues affecting climbing are up for consideration over the next month, ranging from a rescue cost recovery study and backcountry management scoping document at Denali National Park and Preserve to a draft backcountry management plan at Rocky Mountain National Park. The AAC is actively involved in all three of these issues and has been working collaboratively with Park managers to ensure that the interests of climbers are taken into consideration as management plans are developed. However, comments from individual members throughout the country will be influential in reaching final decisions. Please note the Denali Rescue Cost Recovery Study comment period ends this Friday, March 9. Below you will find synopsis of each policy issue and the position of the AAC. Please forward this issue of the E-News to any climbers who may be interested in commenting. Non-members may subscribe to the E-News on our website http://www.americanalpineclub.org. Denali Rescue Cost Recovery Study As a result of legislation passed by Congress at the urging of Alaska Sen. Frank Murkowski, Denali National Park and Preserve is investigating three primary issues: 1) whether it is feasible to charge mountaineers for rescues on Mt. McKinley, 2) whether it is feasible to require climbers to show proof of medical insurance before being issued a climbing permit, and 3) whether any adjustments need to be made to the fee structure for mountaineering permits. The Park has expanded on issue #2 by exploring whether it would be feasible to encourage or to require McKinley climbers to have rescue insurance before being issued a climbing permit. AAC Executive Director Charley Shimanski, a long-time mountain rescue official, is serving as one of four individuals on the core group evaluating the Park's response to these issues, so the AAC's voice is well represented on this study. The AAC is still finalizing comments on these issues, but our primary points are: · The AAC historically has opposed charging for rescues, because it delays the initial call for help, making rescues more complex and increasing the risk to subjects and rescuers. Charging for rescues also is bad public policy for land managers, because it will increase legal liability and establish a "duty to rescue" anyone who asks. The concept also runs counter to the National Search and Rescue Plan of which the Department of Interior is a signatory, which specifically prohibits agencies from seeking repayment of rescue costs. The AAC long has opposed singling out climbers to pay an advance rescue fee when other park visitors are not asked to bear financial responsibility for their rescues. · The AAC has seen no information showing climbers to be less insured than other park visitors, so forcing climbers alone to demonstrate proof of medical insurance would be discriminatory. There are many instances in which climbers have gone out of their way to pay for hospital care. Further, since the costs of any indigent medical care - whether from climbers or the general public - are not borne by the National Park Service, we question the relevance of this issue to the NPS. · While the AAC provides rescue insurance to all members for peaks up to 6000 meters and makes available supplemental insurance for higher peaks, there are logistical issues that must be considered if rescue insurance is mandated. We have expressed our willingness to work with the Park in exploring these issues. · The AAC believes it is inappropriate for climbers to pay rescue fees for the same reason we oppose charging for rescues. Further, we hope to review all aspects of the mountaineering program to determine whether the current $150 per person fee is fully justified and to see whether some services currently being provided can be reduced or eliminated to lessen program costs. Climbers have until March 9 to comment on the study. Concerns should be sent by email to: mailto:mike_gauthier@nps.gov, or by regular mail to: Denali National Park and Preserve Attn: Mike Gauthier PO Box 588 Talkeetna AK 99676 (For a more complete assessment of the rescue cost recovery issue on Mt. McKinley, please visit the AAC's website at http://www.americanalpineclub.org/rescue.htm.)
  4. NEW Tele/AT Ski

    Brand new Atomic Beta TM22 (180cm) ski for sale. Unmounted. New ski for Fall 2001. Aggressive ski but I don't know a lot about the guts of it. Maybe call Pro Ski or any other quality Ski shop for a description (just make sure to give them your mounting business for the trouble!) List new is roughly $400. Sell now for $300.
  5. Mountaineers or WAC ?

    I believe we have a consensus. Next!