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  1. 2nd Annual CC.com Photo Contestizzle

    No offense OW but if there ends up being an abseil category, I think my friend will take it with this shot. Photo by GY
  2. 2nd Annual CC.com Photo Contestizzle

    All of these and many more silly photos can be found on my site http://jonjantz.com
  3. 2nd Annual CC.com Photo Contestizzle

    Scenic (or senic as some prefer): Monte Fitzroy and Friends Greet the Morning Sky Ice: Dave Ohlson Leaves the Security of the Cave, Icefields Parkway, Alberta Ski: Silas Wild Enjoying the Expanse of the Patagonian Icecap Climbing: Josh Poirier Relaxing in the Sun After a day at the Pass Bouldering, or as some say, humour: Eric Gratz Warms up Somewhere in the Wilds of Alaska
  4. Photo Contest: photoshopping images

    Griz wrote: dylan_taylor wrote: Robert Capa's shot of the falling soldier from the Spanish Civil War is timeless. Why? It's certainly not due to technical excellence, it's grainy ... I could go off on the 'decisive moment'; I'll leave that for someone else. However, just as the particular moment in time makes or breaks a journalistic photo so it does also for nature .. or climbing. For just an instant there's a cloud lit from other worlds and it happens to line up perfectly with the peak you've been watching. Snap your fingers and the instant's gone. Either someone was prepared and nailed it or they didn't. 3 Seconds later the saturated color has faded (but it could of course be recreated in PS right) and the cloud has moved (but that could be 'fixed' too eh). Why do many photographers hold strongly to their guns in this sort of discussion? It's all too common today to hear the words, oh they doctored that. Those undisclosed 'doctored works' invalidate the work of those who follow a certain set of ethics. I can prove experimentally that Velvia in flat light does not equal saturated forest greens. This does not mean I am invalidating your work Gary. In fact I love it and look forward to seeing your new stuff whenever we get together. I am saying that it is different when one starts going beyond simple filter like adjustments (changing the lighting or boosting the saturation, adding or removing ...). Gary, you have a gift for what you do, you're skilled at it and it is obviously one of your passions. I admire this. I believe this has been stated here in some form already but here it goes again. There are different genres of photography. Fashion and advertising have few, if any rules, associated with them. People expect the unbelievable. But unfortunately, people are starting to expect this unbelievable in nature as well. This discredits those rare moments where things are indeed "perfect" through the lens, eyes and mind of a skilled craftsman. And I think the general theme in this discussion has been, call it what it is. Follow you passion. If that happens to be shooting photos of animals in captivity then do it, but make that clear. Galen pulled his photos from a certain stock agency once when he found they were using his animal shots (in captivity) without disclosing the fact. This discussion is akin to bolts in the alpine. Each camp has strong feelings and there are most definitely grey areas. I think what someone "saw" or perceived at a given moment in time is a whole separate discussion. Art is art, just disclose the medium. Great works of art, whether books, paintings, or photos .. or even digital art have one thing in common. They transcend the medium and impact someone emotionally. People tend to use the word powerful to describe such works. Ok, I've written my thoughts- I'm out. jj _________________ http://jonjantz.com
  5. Timmy O'Neill at UW, Mon Dec 8 SPRAY EXTENSION

    It seems inconvenient for you but you might want to try out thid thing we call spell check. After that monumental life goal has been achieved we would be more than happy to hear about "real grown-up life". That sounds fascinating. Perhaps I too lack the life education to grasp this ... I wish I had a better labour union protecting me ... yeah, then I would feel safe to spray about hard working people, people I would normally hold a lot of respect for. Some people roll through life taking what they can get and some take matters into their own hands; they do something about where they want to be. Every lifestyle is a choice but some live in a stupor, blinding consciousness. This second paragraph is not directed at anyone in particular (ie. this is not a personal attack). But I must say I respect people in life who have vision as opposed to those who lead a pinball life. Gary is one of those people I respect. I'm sure you meant no harm. It's just these online forums that lead to such easy misunderstandings.
  6. Timmy O'Neill at UW, Mon Dec 8

    Come support the UWCC. Gary put a lot of work into this; we need to repay the theiving burecrats before we destroy them. Oh yeah, Timmy iz awesome. We avoided arrest today but still managed to have a good time. Things almost got ugly with some football player types in the weight room though. He did some sendin to make things right in the world. The show will absolutely, without a doubt, rock your world. FREE TEEN PORN. Spread the word.
  7. Fred Beckey at UW, Tues Dec 2

    Good show ... and my deep apologies go out to those who had trouble digesting the information above, "Tuesday Dec 2, 6pm, HUB Auditorium". It would probably take a law degree, or some title of importance to decipher that statement. It was good seeing you Matt. You're right, it feels good giving the chest a sound beating. But I'll never stack up to the hero chest beaters who may have more than 10X my post count. Maybe I should follow Kurt's advice and get a job, then I could spray away.
  8. Fred Beckey at UW, Tues Dec 2

    Fred is psyched about the show but still has the normal worries-- the weather, the rock, the ... wait, change that, the attendance, the after hours buildering prospects, the quality of girls ... Note( ), Gary just turned down a GU offer to sustain his 60 hour coding push. I think the kid is going to snap; bagels and juice will only bring ruin. Oh yeah, Gary, you did a crappy job on the poster. Fred says you made him look like he's 100 years old. Come to the show this evening. Be amazed by slides from 65 years of exploration in North America's mountains. Jokes and funny stories are a bonus. Bring your friends, bring your dog, and bring your 3 favorite cuties. If we don't pack the house tonight Fred will throw in the towell on shows while in the prime of his life.
  9. CC.Com SausageFest Slideshow November 4th

    gdmfing tree huggin hipsters. They always gotta walk around parading their versoin of truth.
  10. CC.Com SausageFest Slideshow November 4th

    Is Forrest feedin brew to that youngster in the photo? Looks like dbb is feedin someone a bit of beta but Erin isn't too sure about what she hears from a distance. Kaia is just proud as peaches; she's got a green stamp. Forrest and Matt, good to hear you guys made it home ok. Good talk. Good times. Keep on truckin. ps. For the 98% of you who have no clue who I am, I showed some slides after Colin when everyone was quite intoxicated. Jon thanks for putting on a great event. It was loads of fun.
  11. dancing roadkill

    Is this the alley outside you sorority?
  12. Plastic People

    Strangely it does not extend to the mountains.
  13. Plastic People

    maybe thats why bone gardens is always so crowded. fraze
  14. Plastic People

    An appreciation for diverse literature would clear this up for you.

    Canada, once again offering all the perks a first world country should expect.