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  1. Seeking Story ideas

    and so I was like: Yeah- me too. Good job on the outreach, Newstips. I appreciate it, and I'm sure many others do, too. However, there is a real gem of a news story lurking on CC that really deserves highlighting- me. Not only am I really, really, really good looking, but I'm stupendously photogenic. On the downside, I'm not 'technically' a climber, but I do lurk on CC, which is more or less the same thing, right? Besides, all those other stories would require some phone calls, some interviews, some fact checking and probably some cold and rainy photo ops. With me, you get great photo ops for the small price of a few brewskis in a cozy environment (I'm thinking Toi, downtown) with an attractive, wealthy and single tv anchor. Hell, it needn't be an anchor, I'm not proud, a simple reporter would do. PM me when you're interested.
  2. Resole mountaineering boots

    I take my shoes to Ramuta's. - I've found their turn-around to be a little faster than Dave Page.
  3. Black Diamond Pitons

    I talked to the local BD rep today. He was pretty surprised and amused to hear about this rumour. BD is still committed to manufacturing and selling pitons and aid gear.
  4. two more overdue climbers

  5. Giant Squid Take Over The Planets' Oceans

    Whales are the of the deep. They are overweight and their schools are small. They'd watch Jerry Springer if they could figure out how. They are no challenge to my dominance of the oceans. Have I told you about the size of my axons?
  6. Giant Squid Take Over The Planets' Oceans

    Bwa ha ha! Bwa ha ha! My time has come. Assume the position, ape-child! It's time for the inevitable match-up: my big beak and 3ft muscular appendage against your puny spine and opposable thumbs! Bwa-ha-ha!
  7. two more overdue climbers

    My party reached the Muir hut late on Friday. No one else was around. We stayed put through Saturday, and went back down to Paradise late Sunday morning. During our stay, only one other group arrived at Muir, and that was a group of five from the Tri-Cities. Saturday was a fierce white-out at Muir, and Sunday was worse. If the missing climbers had reached Muir, I suspect they would've entered the hut, if only for a respite from the storm. I hope they hunkered down, and are well.
  8. Climbing in Vantage

    Dylan asked MysticNacho spent the weekend out there and reported great conditions- 60-70 degrees , dry, clear skies. Sounded good to me.
  9. Anonymous Lurkers

    Quoth Dwayner, I was wrong, but then you wrote, and now I see I was mistaken. You have intimidated me back onto the path of righteousness. Thank you for your guidance, your wisdom, your humor.
  10. From a marine in Bosnia

    Nice to see you BS detector is working, Snoboy. Thanks for the link to urban legends.
  11. OR Winter Market

    Hey Allison, What brings you to the OR Winter Market? Do you work in the industry? I was under the impression you were a stagehand.
  12. Anonymous Lurkers

    Don't do it, kids. I stepped up to the plate and asked my stupid question, only to be greeted with derision, bizarre photos, and groans of 'Didn't someone post that question last year?'
  13. Call for recipes

    Yeah, I've decided to come out of the shadows and take my spray like a, er, bumbly. and no teasing me about rice or I'll spill the beans about a certain 'crier.'
  14. Top roped soloing - what's your favorite device?

    For top roped soloing, I've used the Wild Country Ropeman II ascender, and I'm pleased with it. It feeds well, and the rope cannot be removed from the device. It is both lighter and cheaper than the Ushba Basic. WC Ropeman @ MEC I use a back-up knot when top-rope soloing with this or any other device.
  15. Call for recipes

    So far I'm getting the following menu- Breakfast- Hot buttered rum Lunch- Hot buttered rum Dinner- Hot buttered rum In between we'll snack on HC and NOLS hotties. It sounds a lot like my current diet. We're heading up the Muldrow Glacier in the spring, and luckily enough it looks like there'll be a NOLS group up there to haul our bodies out. I wish I could get dehydrated beer.
  16. 3 Top Routes?

    a) Liberty Crack- N. Cascades b) Muldrow Glacier - Denali c) Serpentine Ridge- Dragontail Peak I'm really happy to be here, now. This is going to be a good climbing year. x0- Squid