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  1. Video Rotation

  2. By the way, how are your taxes

    translates as: I've got mine, fuck you.
  3. Tom Delay resignation betting pool

    What part of the subversion of democracy doesn't threaten you? Are you so unpatriotic that civil servants on the take doesn't bother you?
  4. TransAlta Corp?? and/orCentralia, WA

    Best of luck, Will.
  5. "Normal" caution?

    hah. Lawyers What are you looking for, Chuck? Instructions on when and where to go? You're smart enough to know that this no way to write guidelines that are both specific and accurate about where to go in avy conditions. While at first glance 'normal conditions' might seem laughably meaningless, you have to understand that these sorts of weasel words let us describe things that we cannot describe with certainty. I do know that normal caution will prevent me from skiing TC on Dragontail.
  6. Opportunity Knocks

    An american revolution.
  7. Crackers, could I have the image above silk-screened onto a new pack?
  8. I'm coming up

    I'm glad she's wearing camo, otherwise I'd be able to see that fugliness.
  9. My 2006 Climbing Calendar

    I wish I knew how to Squit you.
  10. My 2006 Climbing Calendar

    I don't even know what I'm doing right now.
  11. light weight alpine pack

  12. Remind you of anyone on Spray?

    Surprisingly like AlpinFox without his meds.
  13. Possum meat

    Oooh! I step away from keyboard for a second and look what Oly does! Meanie.
  14. My next job

    I'm working out a deal with the French government to go 'work my magic'. We're finalling the terms of my sponsorship.
  15. My next job

    Would you like fries with that? May I SUPERSIZE your order?
  16. Possum meat

    countdown to the std internet dead-possum pic: 3.. 2.. 1
  17. Possum meat

    I think your search was definitely goodler.
  18. Possum meat

    It's hard just to give a generic recipe without knowing which cut of meat were talking about. If you can't make heads or tails of it, I'd suggest a stew.
  19. Chevy Apprentice

    mail it quick to yer friends while you can.
  20. Chevy Apprentice

    Hell yeah!
  21. My next job

    Hmm. We really can't let those wannabees take the title from our hometown heros in Enumclaw. We need a Enumclaw vs. Waynesville uncage-your-soul-match. I'll give the winner a sponsored implant.
  22. My next job

    This from the genius who drives his jetski uphill Generally, folks sponsor my implants with a nice movie, dinner & drinks. Feel free to be creative! If you're lucky, I'll give you an implant of you own! For a premium, I also sell commemorative t-shirts, shot glasses, and coffee mugs.
  23. Bonfire!

    Mos, they'll need to take special precautions with your combustible body. And a ranger I spoke to told me that they'll be handling Ivan with special care, too.
  24. My next job

    Ucage the damn thing from 9-5, then put it back on the shelf for the evening's serving of prime-time and TeeVee dinners.