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  1. By the way, how are your taxes

    Hey Mike- No problem with your stance of self-reliance, that's awesome. In your rush to be all that you can be, don't forget that the Bushco combination of taxcuts for the rich and elimination of social programs has increased the gap between rich and poor, while at the same time shrinking the middle class. All this means is that the folks who are benefit from tax cuts on capital gains are generally not the ones most in need of help (not to say that we all wouldn't appreciate more money). In that context, your blithe suggestion of 'invest more' sounds a little like Marie Antoinettte advising the masses to eat cake. And never get your econ advice from spamming emails: http://www.arches.uga.edu/~davidk/
  2. Your moment of Internet Zen

    Q. Whats with all the condi rice questions! i just got asked one about her picking strawberrys and i asked someone if they had the myspace angles and they said no but maybe condi rice does...wtf? i suspect some kind of conspirecy. United Kingdom A. Condi Rice is everywhere. She is watching the internet and beaming thoughts into our heads. She is planning Global Dominiation and will stop at nothing to achieve that goal. You will wake up one day and ask yourself how things got this bad and in that moment police will kidnap you for thinking that thought. It's a bleak future in store for all of us...oh shit they found me. I don't know how but they found me. HIDE you are in great dang.......communication terminated United States
  3. Your moment of Internet Zen

  4. Missing: 1987 Subaru Wagon, tan, with 207k miles.

    Damn- my condolences. 39th & Greenwood and they had to take an 87 wagon? Fuckers.
  5. Did Bush authorize leak of Plame's Identity?

    it's all fun-n-games until OW puts the penis away
  6. Did Bush authorize leak of Plame's Identity?

    unless we're dressed in large fuzzy bear suits
  7. Fave wiregates?

  8. [TR] Mount Kent- North Face 4/5/2006

    Good for you for getting out there, CBS
  9. WTB - kids stuff

    8 year olds, dude.
  10. Tom Delay resignation betting pool

    fuck! where is your pro? I put it in profanely. Screw normal caution!
  11. What A Friday!!

    it starts with more lotion
  12. Tom Delay resignation betting pool

    she cries 'amuse me' oly hunts for big clown shoes we share the profit
  13. Tom Delay resignation betting pool

    will you be my friend? I put my pro in a purse and prepare to pout
  14. Tom Delay resignation betting pool

    she says 'snorkel dork' never says it to my face this is serious
  15. The Five Stages of Chipping

    Well, I would never climb a chipped route. Then again, no one would bother to chip a 5.8
  16. somebody amuse me. post something funny

    this one has me in stitches:
  17. Tom Delay resignation betting pool

    Holy shit, Archie's getting loopy. Been hitting the bottle early today?
  18. I'm very close friends with Stevie-H (we call him Stevie Ache, now), and his finger is definitely injured. His backrubs don't have the warmth or intensity they used to. Sometimes I wonder where the magic has gone.
  19. The Five Stages of Chipping

    4 stars.
  20. By the way, how are your taxes

    I prefer over-easy.
  21. Tom Delay resignation betting pool

    I have to mouth the words in order to type.
  22. Threaded vs. flat?

    I'm trying to decide how to maximize my spray-time, and be the best sprayer I can be. Should I go for the 'threaded' or the 'flat' view? Please compare and contrast the merits and drawbacks of each. Make your response clear, concise, and timely. Thanks in advance- SQUID
  23. Uranus

    I can't decide whether you're the coolest or the scariest high school teacher ever. maybe both.
  24. Tom Delay resignation betting pool

    so, how's high school going? still getting wedgies at recess? Coach won't let you on varsity? Don't worry, when you grow up, you'll show them what you're made of! You'll show them all!
  25. Those wacky liberal scientists

    DirtyHarry is my favorite avatar (today).