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  1. Links to innane and random shit

    yumm. how would that go with a nice muskatel and a side order of placenta?
  2. Favorite Grape Juice

    Sparkeling muscatel - one of the finest wines of Idaho!
  3. OMG

  4. Owyhee info?

    probably May. Can you paddle?
  5. Holy Shit

    How's it going there, Mr. SpecialForces-turned-EverettFireDepartment-turned-'guide'? I missed having you to kick around.
  6. A Gentle Look at "the D-Word"

    You will die at the age of 52 You will die of a heart attack at a Tom Jones concert
  7. Match Point

    Went to see Match Point as a date movie this weekend. I guess I should have read the reviews more closely- this is pretty far afield for a Woody Allen film. I do not recommend it as a date flik, although it's the best movie by Allen in decades.
  8. Owyhee info?

    Nice, ChrisN and Camilo! Like you, I'm hoping to go boating down there this spring, was planning on bring my rack'n'shoes. Sometimes that columnar basalt is great, sometimes it's choss.
  9. buying new rope

    Stay away from the Beal- those wear out very quickly. The fatter rope won't hold you back at the 5.7-5.10 range, will last longer, and cost less.
  10. Favorite Grape Juice

    I trid the Aussie yellowtail (shiraz) and didn't care much for it. no sirree. Columbia Wineries, on the other hand, makes a bitchin' shiraz.
  11. Boobs!!

    I would like to point out that this thread is head and shoulders above all the other threads.
  12. OMG

    I was hoping you'd check to see if my chakras are in alignment; sometimes I feel a disturbance in my aura.
  13. OMG

  14. OMG

  15. OMG

  16. Favorite Grape Juice

    Red: Rex Goliath Shiraz (California) ca. $8 White: what's that?
  17. Boobs!!

    bump. because this subject deserves a bump.
  18. Girl A or Girl B?

    That's very sensitive, DeC. Thanks for sharing.
  19. Girl A or Girl B?

    I can only afford to take one out to dinner.
  20. Money Magazine's 10 Best Jobs

    I outsourced my doggy porn administrator position last week. Now UI've got a 12-yr old Chinese kid in a sweatshop handling that stuff.
  21. Hug Club?

    SO- have we scheduled this week's Hug Club yet? Now that the weather is getting nice, maybe we should move our hug-n-backrub session out to the beach! Wouldn't that be great??!!OMG! And the dogs could come too!!OMG!LOL!! I'll bring some beach blankets (you know how I hate the sand) and some chardonnay! K?? BFF- Squid
  22. Are flats OK?

    Flat's are fine if they've got a nice smile. You'll won't be able to use them as social bling as much as the curvier models, but often they make up for that with an engaging personality
  23. Boobs!!

    This thread is rapidly becoming the most viewed thing in cc.com history. This thing has LEGS, I tell ya. Get in on the groundfloor.
  24. keep illegals legal?? WTF?

    It's a start, youth! Things are looking up!
  25. I'm a bad person

    That reminds me of the evening we teased Klenke to the point he fled the bar in tears. We teased Dave Schuldt, too, but I'm not sure he could tell. This makes me very sad.