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  1. Mountaineers in Leavenworth - April 22 & 23

    Ok - ok- I'm busted. Whatever. My underpants were cotton, so taking them off was completely justified; if they'd gotten wet, I COULD HAVE DIED!!! Btw, could you pm me her phone #?
  2. Icicle Creek with Sendbot and Squid and Alpinfox

    I would like to point out how much resembles I shall call him...minisquid.
  3. climbing ringtone?

    [whine] TAKE! [/whine]
  4. Interested in bringing down civilization?

    I'll send out the memo warning the comrades.
  5. Girl A or Girl B?

    Somebody decide. My decision-maker is broken.
  6. I'm absolutely uninspired for climbing. This is the first spring since I started climbing that I don't have a 12page ticklist to guide me through the warm sunny months. I want to like climbing, but right now it has the same appeal as mowing the lawn- just another grind, just another chore. I know I'm not the first to feel this way, so how do you crusty old farts keep the romance alive?
  7. Boobs!!

    Heh. Made you look. Yes, I am 12 years old.
  8. What do you do when the love is gone?

    Things to do today: 1. Find cool & hot chick 2. Make her dig me 3. Piss her off 4. Hate myself Good plan; I'm on it.
  9. TR: Feeling the Smack!

    With gentle guidance, anyone can be coached.
  10. 4-20

    Tonight, the Chupacabra.
  11. What do you do when the love is gone?

    Erics- you both made me laugh.
  12. Owyhee info?

    Anyone aware of any climbing down along the Owyhee?
  13. Owyhee info?

    Yeah- this river is mostly snowmelt, so run it early in the season. Otherwise it sounds like a long damp walk.
  14. Poor Archie

    You're our North Star. We all follow your cue, and when you're out of sight, we're lost.
  15. What do you do when the love is gone?

    Ok, Oly, we're going to go on a climbing trip together to a new destination. Teach me how to climb trad.
  16. What do you do when the love is gone?

    Im taking this to cafe sensitivoso and asking for a hug.
  17. Mongolia Protester Lights Himself on Fire

    Luke- Thanks for posting on your blog and here.
  18. climber numbers falling-big time?

    My recent discovery of masturbation has really put a dent into my climbing time.

    Oh! look who's back!
  20. George Bush - a strong leader...

    How we defined success in both WWI & WWII was our (the US) adherence to a higher moral code than the cynical realpolitik of the continental powers. This was expressed with Wilson's proposal of the League of Nations, and the Geneva convention. Even in our worst lapses of WWII (the Japanese internment camps), we never allowed ourselves to sink to the levels that we sank to in Iraq. The abandonment of human rights principles- in Abu Ghraib, in Guantanamo, in the legal counsel Bush sought to allow torture- has been by far the most significant casualty of this war, and on those grounds alone I consider this war a failure. If the US doesn't stand for the basic human rights outlined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, then it doesn't stand for much at all.
  21. George Bush - a strong leader...

    Ok- agreed on that minor point- but how can you compare the defense of Europe from the Third Reich to our misinformed and 'pre-emptive' invasion of Iraq? *you cocksucking windowlicker*
  22. IdaTARDS....Sound off!

    I want to hear more about the steep stuff around McCall. I've heard rumours- tell all.

    Pubclub this week has been moved to 4/20
  24. George Bush - a strong leader...

    you monotone lunatic, how can you possibly compare the current fiasco in Iraq to WWI or WWII?