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  1. [TR] Mt. Rainier- Fuhrer Finger 6/24/2005

    Sorry for the late post and resulting worthless beta, but yes back when we were on the Finger it was consistent and very skiable.
  2. Sleeping Pads...Mt. Heardwear & Thermarest

    Did you sell that thermarest pad? Barry
  3. Mt. Persis-Index traverse

    4)I wouldn't recommend dscending the Lake Serene route if you have not been up it. Hiked up the "original" trail up to the lake a couple weeks ago just for nostalgia's sake. Was wondering how many people remember how epic this short route can be, especially on the decent. Also who's been in the mines at the end of the abandoned road? I bivi'd in them once when I was about 15........damn creepy. BTW a new trail carves up the slope to the east of Bridal Veil Falls now.
  4. Missing party on LR

    Don't forget some "canned wheat". That's the secret to being extreme.
  5. A new low in rock climbing

    Bouldering is like masterbating...............it feels good but you really don't want your friends to know.
  6. A new low in rock climbing

    Bouldering "might" be real climbing for some people, but come on you know deep in your adolescent heart that you really want to move on the something bigger, and you probably will.............when you can afford to buy a rope.
  7. Death on Gib route

  8. Ingall's Peak/Basin Beta

    Is the Teanaway Road open? Snow conditions? How bad is the post holing? Looking at a car-car trip this Friday. Barry
  9. Ingall's Peak/Basin Beta

    Shit just read previous postings! I suck
  10. Hello Keith, welcome to the US. Would like to chat about some climbing (4/5-6??) and/or mtn biking. PM me. Barry
  11. gettin some...

    Here's one........-15 Feathered Friends Widgeon with dryloft shell at garage sale............$35 (oh yea it had a hole about the size of a dime in it)
  12. leavenworth camping

    Here's to you Larry.......
  13. Rainier this weekend? (10th/11th)

    Whoa check out the Turtle........scoured! Approach to FF looks nice
  14. nose in a day

    OC, if you really don't know who's nose he wants to climb, then find out, cuz you'd be missin a big part of the history of climbing if you don't.
  15. Doohh! I'm a dumbass........ Barry
  16. Chair Pk. this Sat.??

    No. Face, (or NE Buttress) Good weather, great route, who's up for it? PM or post here, let's go! Barry
  17. Curious how you summited at 10:30 and witnessed a star-filled sky and the glow of lights from Alpental??? Unless you topped out THAT NIGHT!!!
  18. Mark, how about some "training" on the No. Face of Chair this Sat??? Oh and I'm not half your age. Barry
  19. missing skier at alpental

    No Greenfork, just hadn't checked a topo of the area west of Melakwa/alpental area recently, thought it was farther. No sarcasm here.......
  20. Lib Ridge gear/planning questions....

    Give those cheap Russian screws to your worst enemy............
  21. missing skier at alpental

    2 years ago I spent a night out above Paradise after getting disorientated coming off the Muir snowfield, I had no gear and temps of 12 degrees. I learned to always take H2O proof matches, a small tarp or bivi sac, and extra dry fleece gloves. Of course if Dan was alpine skiing he wouldn't be expected to anticipate being in the backcountry. My skull hat's off to this guy. This guy Dan is a hard-ass to the 10th degree, holy shit the mind games he must have endured to keep dealing with those conditions...........BTW how in hell could anyone cover those distances and elevation gains/losses in alpine gear? Sure AT or Tele, but alpine? Looking forward to more info........... Welcome home Dan!
  22. Gotta Swing my Toolz: Gorge Ice?

    Hey CircleJerk you don't know what your gettin into............
  23. Calling all unemployed climbers

    Ptarmigan what???? Traverse?? Holy shit
  24. Roadside Western Washington Ice Report

    Looks like Sunday and Monday will give us our best chance at ice. Whoa it's gonna be cold East of the Mtns..........Banks Lake???
  25. new technique

    That's the new "bungy-sling". Helps with dyno's, and offers some solice on long runouts