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  1. Let them eat cake

    Jon that's not Barbara Bush. Go back to watching tv, and now I'm serious too!
  2. Condition's at Convention Center

    In our society, this behavior is civilized. It is the behavior representative of our civilization. The inhabitants of the lowest rungs of the economic ladder no longer till the soil to scratch out an existence, they scan the channels to satiate fantasy or to feed a desire for materialistic goods whose ownership promises happiness. Our civilization no longer fosters (indirectly by necessity) the acquisition of the skill sets of survival. We need not produce anything to sustain our existence. Our culture ensures common sense to be uncommon. If there is a culprit behind the cause of this full-spectrum of ignorance, displayed from poor governmental leadership to the cited behavior in squalor, it is in our society's highest goal: the acquisition of monetary wealth. Follow the money, it leads to a legacy bankrupt in humanity. Dechristo this was very well stated. I'm choosing to form my own opinions about this mess, via informed, clear headed insight's vs media finger-pointing blather. Sad commentary on our society indeed, in it's ability to forsee immediate threats and come up with solution's before all hell breaks loose. Barry
  3. In shape for mountaineering?

    Nothing curvier than woman at the prime of her gestational period!
  4. Who's up for something on the scale of Forbidden (west or east ridge), west ridge Stuart, No. ridge Sherpa, Prussik, Wa. Pass, Squamish, basically anything with some committment and high fun potential. Prefer to be someones solid belay slave on an aid route up to C2-3 (LIBERTY CRACK!) Have truck, good attitude and wall rack. PM or call 602-791-5685 Barry
  5. Partner needed Sept. 1-3 trad, alpine, aid, ?

    Good point, wasn't thinkin. Ok East Ridge
  6. Bolts on Orbit?

    Whoa man that ain't cool, and this is definately showing disrespect, are you aware what you've just done????
  7. Partner needed Sept. 1-3 trad, alpine, aid, ?

    Come on.........no taker's for Forbidden?? Can do it any one of the 3 days. Fast and light, weather's good.
  8. Extreme Sports Gig in Tacoma

    Did anyone ever send this place?? Was it sick? Just wondering.......... Whoooaaaaa Duude
  9. Beckey Sighting

    No, I'd say it was around '93-'94. I still have the sylabus somewhere. He never mentioned climbing and if you didn't know his background, you'd never have known what he was really all about.
  10. Lost: Subaru Key at Index

    Check the route itself, it might have fallen out of your pocket on the last pitch!
  11. New to PNW

    "Walking Tall" with the Rock. Oh and the original and still best "First Blood" was shot in Hope I think
  12. Detailed how to ice climb instructions

    Damn, I meant lumbar lordosis. Must have been stoned during that lecture.
  13. Detailed how to ice climb instructions

    Ya right, your totally talking out your ass ML. Everyone knows that trunk extension increases lumbar kyphosis which accentuates ANTERIOR pelvic tilt. Do your homework man! Barry
  14. Ok done........pm'ing DLeef now......
  15. Alpine Wed.?

    Forbidden, Prussik, or equivalent? Open to all suggestions and can leave tonight, return Wed. night late. Or Snow CW if weather's lousy on the west side. Whatever......I'll check pm's after work or it's 602-791-5685 Barry
  16. Climbing Partners

    Hi CQ. Check your pm's. Not much sun left in these parts.........let's get going. Barry
  17. [TR] Tank Lakes- Necklace Valley 8/5/2005

    Ahhhh yes, Necklace Valley...........my first hike ever! Wonder if my name's still chiseled in the cabin?
  18. Beckey Sighting

    I took a class at Green River Community College in Auburn, Wa. taught by Fred. He's got a ton of knowledge of Wa state history, but he's wacky as hell. He barely passed me!!!! I remember him walking around the front of the class like he was post-holing.......pointing with a stick he'd ripped from the bush on the way to class.........
  19. Getting a proper sleeping bag

    oh but don't look at the price tag.................
  20. Getting a proper sleeping bag

    2 words....... Mtn Hardware Spectre. 800 fill down, conduit shell, taped seams. No bivi sack needed. Use due diligence, common sense and climb 4 seasons in the NW with it.
  21. Two dead on Rainier?

    MZ thanks for posting, we all agonize when anyone is injured or killed in the mtn's. Perhaps Greg was a climber, the minute he put on his harness. I've found that this website is an amazing place to experience healing, to learn and grow. As mentioned, please stick around..........
  22. Didn't see my post so I'm doing it again. Have all day off, open to other ideas too. PM or call 602-791-5685 Barry
  23. Climbers Guide to Fossil Rock

    Give Backpacker's Supply a call. They're on South Tacoma Way in Tacoma. That's Yoder's old hangout and he keeps 'em well stocked with his guidebooks.
  24. Climb: Mt. Rainier-Fuhrer Finger Date of Climb: 6/24/2005 Trip Report: Group of 3 of us left for FF friday around 2:30, at bivi on Wapowety Cleaver by 7:30. Left at 2:30 am, napped at around 13k and waited for the temps to drop, then slogged up to the summit in time for sunset. (sat. night) Had an awesome bivi in the crater, stars out and temps dropping low. Running out of fuel, food, and the hords of tourists pouring over the rim prompted us to head down. Rim-Muir in 3 hrs, then 1:45 down to the car. The route was in prime shape with no serious obstacles. We experienced only minor ice/rockfall. ID is still in reasonable shape. I'm not familiar with the DC route but it sure looks nasty at the bottom, the edge of the snowfield is melted out with a 20-30 ft. moat visible........is this normal? Overall excellent weather and the summit bivi was a nice bonus, go light and try it in good weather. Gear Notes: 2 pickets, rope, balls Approach Notes: Nisqually glacier is good. Nisqually fan (hourglass) on other side is totally melted out but very doable, just loose rubble.