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  1. Any suggestions on some later season routes with alpine ice. You know, some narrow slot or never see the sun face on a N or E face? Hard approaches to obscure locations are OK!
  2. Ok, now that I'm home, I'll share a few more: Yeah, yeah, I'm addicted to these!!! Eiger, Wall of Death-Arthur Roth: a summary of most of the tragedies on the Mord wand. Not Without Peril- Nicholas Howe: you'd be surprised how many idiots die on Mt. Washington and the other Presidential mountains in New Hampshire! (New Book) Annapurna-Maurice Herzog: The book that inspired me to start climbing The Breach- Rob Taylor: Rob doesn't use the real climber's name that abandons him, but I'll bet Henry Barber knows! Everest/Alone at the Summit: Stephen Venables: if you're "everested" out, this one is well written and a good story. Small 4 man team tackles the Kangshung face Blind Faith???- not sure if this is right title, man hikes entire appalachian trail...with a seeing eye dog! Desperate Journeys, Abandoned Souls- Ed Leslie: i just picked this one up but its a whole bunch of these type stories; so far so good! Keep 'em coming!!
  3. Ended up not making it...had to sign up a new listing, always a priority over drinking. Lets do another Seattle gig...I vote for something downtown...someone once mentioned the Owl and Thistle or Kels...that's really easy for me!
  4. I'm thinking of going tonite....anyone want to pick me up at the ferry terminal?
  5. I never did understand the big attraction to sleeping in a vehicle. What are you going to do, throw all your stuff outside to make room so you can fog everything up. Don't you have a bivy sack? If it's pouring rain, turn around and go home! Id' rather sleep under my car than in it! For reliability, nothing beats Toyota. If you hate buying foreign then that's cool too. The 4x4 Tercel wagon (if you can find one) is awesome. Beats Subaru once you get to higher miles. Truck with canopy and chains should work too. You'll need to add sand bags in winter. Up to you if you want 4x4. A german friend (who did lots of research) told me the best year for Vanagon is 1993. If you are one of those ultralight gearheads, get a VW bug. They go great in snow! If you want a really cool car Citroen Deux Chevaux is also very easy to repair yourself (once you get the parts) and reliable. It's fun to watch everyone tell you what to get because they're going to tell you what they have! I don't know your budget or other needs....family with kids, work, commute, etc. Also, I firmly believe if you will be driving in snow, manual transmission is far better than automatic and is more important than what car you're in. Just sucks for driving in our traffic. PS: I don't currently drive any of the above!
  6. I read in the paper that the location of our big shindig in Sept. has been destroyed by the wild fires in Icicle Creek. Looks like we may need an alternative site or postpone? If they reopen it, at least we won't have to worry about burning anything down! Do we need a new site?
  7. If someone doesn't post in 24 hours or a somewhat "timely manner", the next person down should go. If the next person also doesn't go, just move down the list. When whoever was skipped is ready to jump in they can announce themselves! Lets keep it going! ON DECK.... Bjorn Tim To the Top
  8. May I suggest if whomever is "next" doesn't write within 24 hrs of last post, the second one down goes next. If whoever is skipped wants to jump in later, they must ask the new "next" person. Bjorn....the clock is ticking.... Also, anyone not on the list, feel free to add yourself to the end. Does anyone oppose to going around twice? Shall we try to finish by the time of the big shindig in Lworth? Maybe save the ending for the campfire!
  9. Fees to use public lands could become permanent Thursday, July 26, 2001 By Environmental News Network Democratic Sens. Bob Graham of Florida and Daniel Akaka of Hawaii are hoping the bill they introduced last month, the National Parks Stewardship Act (S.1011), soon becomes law. They say it will be good for America's public lands. But many U.S. citizens feel they will be taxed twice if the bill now before a Senate committee becomes law. Under the bill, anyone wanting to enter public lands administered by the U.S. Forest Service or the National Park Service would have to pay a recreation fee of at least several dollars per person per visit or pay an annual fee. The fee has been tried on a temporary basis since 1996. It would be permanent beginning in October of 2002 if the bill passes. Sen. Graham believes the fee is needed because the nation's parks are "struggling to keep up with more visitors and aging infrastructures, and permanent fees are part of the solution." But Scott Silver of Wild Wilderness, a critic of the fee-demo program, says the fee excludes poor families who want to spent quality time with nature. It encourages partnerships with private industry to provide development dollars in lieu of federal funds, he said. Floyd Thompson, program manager for the Forest Service Office of Recreation, Heritage, and Wilderness Resources, admits, "Marketing plans and business plans are now becoming part of the Forest Service lingo." The Graham bill encourages the hiring of "professionals with expertise in areas such as business management" to work as National Park Service managers in a new "Professionals for Parks Program." "Most of the businesses that provide public services on Forest Service land are small businesses," said Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth. "This agreement creates the framework that will give the Forest Service a better understanding of how to help these businesses succeed and how to best communicate with owners." But critics say small business is not the intended beneficiary. The American Recreation Coalition, an industry group that includes corporations involved in the recreation industry such as Disney, REI, and the Coleman Company, has been working to privatize public lands, according to Silver. "By introducing the transparently bad Graham Bill, the proponents of fee demo have become overly cocky," said Silver. "In making what must be recognized as a mad dash for the end zone, they have unmasked fee-demo and exposed it as the shell game it really is." The Florida Senator pitched fee demo to President George W. Bush during the President's June visit to Everglades National Park. "The president suggests addressing these problems by simply shifting funds from one part of the National Park Service's budget to another," said Graham, who believes that approach is not sufficient. Under the Graham bill, between 60 and 80 percent of the money collected at a site would be spent to maintain the park or forest land at that location. The remaining funds could go to other projects overseen by the U.S. Forest Service, the National Park Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Bureau of Land Management. The original fee-demo proposal earmarked at least 80 percent of fees collected at a national park or forest to be spent at that location. The Graham bill also allows the U.S. Forest Service to replace budgeted funds with income derived from fees. Graham says it "stresses the importance of ensuring that all activities in parks are compatible with the parks' mission to preserve and protect our natural heritage." The bill creates a process to ensure that federal lands adjacent to parks "are used in a manner consistent with the parks' mission." Fee demo was created in a 1996 rider to an appropriations bill. It directed land-managing agencies to begin charging fees above and beyond campground or dock maintenance fees on national lands. Fee demo was renewed in 1999. A fee-demo bill passed the House of Representatives in June. The Graham bill is currently making its way through the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.
  10. try http:/www.cameraworld.com They have great prices, knowledgeable sales staff and no tax 'cause they're in Oregon.
  11. Speaking of that throne room at the WA pass overlook, does anyone know the actual cost of that thing. I heard $250,000 to $300,000. Now do you get an idea where our money goes when you give to the Forest Service or Uncle Sam's general fund. Give me a break. What's funny though is the shack the forest service representative has to sit in right next door! BTW: Eric and I gave a Forest Service Truck a parking ticket last weekend. More to come on that one, including a photo!
  12. Just getting this to the top so HAIREBALL WILL NOTICE it's his turn!!!
  13. About a month ago I saw the most amazing double rainbow in my entire life. I was driving up to Port Townsend and there was one of those seriously black clouds floating above like a flat roof. Suddnly the sun started to come out because it was beginning it's final descent towards sunset. I was really curious to see if I could see it in its entirety so I chased it into a subdivision sitting high on the bluff overlooking the bay towards Indian Island. There was a vacant house so I parked the car and we went around to the back and were blessed with a double full arch ground to ground. There was a tug boat pulling a log boom that had stopped to look and the water was glass! It was unbelievable light and incredible color and I knew this was a picture that no camera could do justice! It was one of the most powerful visions I have ever had and will never forget. I'm not very religeous, but in a way I feel only god could have created that! Him or Mother Nature! I think what made it so spectacular for me was that it was only temporary, like a chalk painting on the sidewalk that washes away in the next rain. Except this was real!
  14. Finger nail polish gets the ink off!
  15. Allthumbs, Alpine Tom, Daylward, anyone else who pays...you guys are wimps and part of the problem. What are you afraid of? You guys are totally paranoid because you don't REALLY know what will happen if you get a ticket and don't pay. How about someone who got a ticket a long time ago and didn't pay posting how far through the system they've been wrung. What is the worst case scenario? Until they make this a felony, you got no worries! Does anyone know if the Access Fund has taken a stance or done any lobbying? I was camping on Second Beach 2 weekends ago and a really nice Ranger stopped by. We had a very pleasant conversation about a number of things, including the fact he was packing a weapon. He politely asked me for my permit and I told him I didn't even know I was in a Park. He asked why I didn't register at the trailhead and I told him because I didn't start at the trailhead, but had paddled my kayak from La Push. He gave me a permit and had me fill it out right there and then asked me for $5.00. Since I didn't have my wallet he then gave me an envelope to send it in. The name and address I filled out on the permit was totally made up. I also wrote "paid under protest" even though I didn't pay. I suppose eventually some paper pusher will send out a notice to the bogus address and it will come back. But I will admit, I do not have strong opposition to paying for a permit to be in one of our National Parks. I DO have strong opposition to paying to be in the National Forest. BIG DIFFERENCE! I won't pay to park. BTW: Alpine Tom, In regards to WTO, while many people registered to protest and intended to do it "civilly", unfortunately it will always be remembered for the VIOLENT DIS-obedience. Therefore the results of the best efforts of the civil will never be really known. Also, why don't you tell Ghandi that "civil disobedience doesn't change anything."
  16. Sorry about the double click! Jon, you can take the duplicate off if you want! And this one too! I'm going climbing.
  17. Wow, it looks like maybe Lambone is getting swayed. Like most political conversations, my goal isn't to sway people. It's to just get them to have more information to make an educated choice. Sometimes I even play the devils advocate just to make a point I personally don't agree with! I am by no means as educated as some others here, but I feel I know enough to feel strongly about what I will do. I guess all anyone can do is lead by example. Like I said, my major objection is to paying to visit Forest Service land. National Park Land is different and for the most part is not a political chess board like Forest Service land. The Park service is fairly consistant in it's fees/use/service and the rates are reasonable for what service they provide. I gladdly paid $5.00 to camp at Perfect Pass and know there weren't (can't be) more than 8 people there. That was a permit and it probably costs the government more than $5.00 to push all that paper work so I don't see it as a user fee. So, did you know there is more acreage of BLM land than any other type of land holding in the US. Currently it is mostly unrestricted but it too is threatened to fall under the user fee system, especially if they win on Forest Service Land. The "just pay the $30 to get them off my back and have piece of mind" attitude means you are not a "wussie". YOU ARE A PUSSIE! You are thinking of only yourself and I'll bet $100 you don't have kids. If you do, then I feel sorry for you because these decisions will not affect us as much as future generations. OPEN YOUR MIND!!!! I think this thread is setting a fine example of what CC can be. An great forum for a very political topic. I have a friend who works on Capital Hill as an economic/environmental advisor to congress. He asked me what I thought about this subject. I told him my opinion and then gave him the link to previous posts on this web site about this topic to get the feedback from all of us. So don't think what we write and say here doesn't count. It does and you never know who's watching or listening. Keep it going, but keep it good!
  18. Sorry, finger nail polish REMOVER!
  19. Nope, I don't agree. I'm with Eddie E. This was a "psychological death". Obvoiously I set the tone by putting the story in the first person and this aint no ghost story. The protagonist is alive! "Sure accidents happen and people die in the mountains, but it wasn't supposed to happen to me..." I was refering to the accident and the fact I was involved in an accident that included the death of Kristi. Demise would be the drudgery/dillema this guy is in. I don't see it as being an actual death. I guess only Jon knows: so Jon?...... Maybe we should just let the story go...I wrote my piece and if someone wants to make it a flashback or ghost story, it's beyond my right to comment. I would like to suggest that this story might need to go 2 rounds at least.
  20. I wouldn't pay the fee or the fine. If a warrant goes out for your arrest, I'm sure it's not a felony so you really don't have anything to worry about than maybe getting thrown in jail. Go for it. Call one of us to post bail and then go to court. Post your court date on CC and then all 50 to 100 of us will show up at the court. That will get their attention in front of a judge!!! Best publicity money can buy. We'll invite the press too. If we're courageous enough to not cave in, we will get more attention. Civil Disobediance works!!! We can take up a collection to help out. United we stand, divided we fall! I know it sounds corny, but think about it!
  21. here's the author list/order: 1. Willstrickland 2. Dave Parker 3. Jon (Mt Dude) 4. Mr. Blister 5. MikeReddig 6. Fredrogers 7. Lisa 8. HikerWa 9. Jman 10. J Blakley 11. Haireball 12. Bjorn 13. Tim 14. To The Top 15. Wopper 16. Beck 17. Jules 18. Alpine Tom 19. ScottP 20. EddieE 21. Dr. J 22. Epic 23. ehmmic 24. Bronco 25. Ideaguy 26. Dru 27. Erik ALSO: Try to copy the previous post with the most current story, paste it in your post and than add on to it. Then notify the next person they are "up". If ALEX is Mr. Blister, then Mike Reddig is up. If Alex is not Mr. Blister, then MR.BLISTER IS UP!!!
  22. Come on guys...the Accident "happened", not the death to "me". IOW, Kristi is dead and "I" lived. Boy, do I have to be your english teacher?
  23. Jon, can you get this other crap off so the continuum is better?
  24. Four years had passed, four years of constant reminders. Every glimpse of a rock face, every postcard of a mountain, every carabiner keychain a reminder of that day. Looking in the mirror........I had to wonder if I still had it in me. Sure, accidents happen and people die in the mountains, but it wasn't supposed to happen to me. And it wasn't really my fault. Even my friends have told me that over and over again. But then why does it plague me so. Why does my gear just sit in the corner? My old partners don't even call me anymore. Deep inside I know I have to climb again. That's what Kristi would have wanted...........
  25. Just picked up the post...I'm thinking...and working...be right back! I'll surrender my position if someone is rarin' to go!
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