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  1. I was wondering about rock climbs on the south face of little Annapurna. Does someone have some rock climbing information? Good climbing? Recommended routes? etc.
  2. redwood trips???

    So, other than all the tips on how to climb trees, no one else has any recommendations of where we should head out to in northern cali? no worries. we'll just get in the car and drive. happy cinco de mayo. ------------------ stay cool
  3. redwood trips???

    i'm heading down to northern Cali with my brother for about a week and i was wondering if anyone could recommend some really cool places to check out. we won't be climbing, just wandering around, hanging out, and sleeping in the woods. thank you kindly. b.licious ------------------ stay cool
  4. Trango Assault tent

    2000 Mountain Hardwear Trango Assualt tent. Used only once. MSRP, $400. I'm asking $275.