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  1. CC.com turns 14 today

    Thanks Jon, Timmay, and Porter!
  2. Medical mission to Haiti, please donate!

    oh, like from "The Serpant and the Rainbow"? Whatever happened to Bill Paxton
  3. New Book Finally Published!

    Marmot Jeans! They are awesome
  4. Medical mission to Haiti, please donate!

    Thanks Pete. I'm grateful to be in the position to help others.
  5. Haha! Nice work, Mark Allen and I met at the base of that in the dark years and years ago. Glad to see you're still able to get out
  6. Want a medal or something? Jesus Rolf, this kind of "look at me" attitude you posses really won't help when the masses decide to climb this now overly hyped-up route, adding bolts, and eroding trails.
  7. New Book Finally Published!

    wow Josh! Thank you soooo much
  8. Do you use the photo gallery?

    The gallery was fun back in the day when there were less photos. Get rid of anything standing in your way to make posting photos easier. I may actually write a TR again.
  9. New Book Finally Published!

    I'd love it if you bought the book off Amazon.com to give it a positive review. I'm having trouble getting the word out, probably because it's a 2nd edition and I'm very busy and poor with school. I would love some suggestions for marketing it. I think it's a great book and I'd want to know about it. Is it too expensive? edit: okay i'm going nuts...already posted the exact thing previously. duh. Well mods, feel free to delete this...
  10. This makes no sense . . .

    what is this for again? I must have missed something
  11. This makes no sense . . .

    Using an online fall force calculator for a 150 lb person equaled a 15kN force for a 2' static fall above an anchor. It should make sense that something going over a tigher bend would reduce its strength. Thus the warning. It's totally situation dependent. Most scenarios would not have you loading your tether like that. Using your belay loop is fine as long as you periodically check the nylon and move the knot around every so often. Tethers should really only be used as a quick way to stabilze yourself at the anchor. If there is a situation where the leader or belay could generate a high fall factor, use the rope to tether in as well.
  12. I was gonna submit a photo of climbing it but apparently 5.5mb is too big? Jon! Upgrade, yo!
  13. Glad you guys did that! I could never convince anyone to go along for that one. Very very cool!
  14. New Book Finally Published!

    I'd really love a positive review on Amazon - kinda hard to market when I'm in school 80 hours a week (getting my PA degree in NY right now).
  15. New Book Finally Published!

    Hope you enjoy it and thanks!
  16. Lubricating cams?

    I'm telling you T9 oil is the shit
  17. That read like a Nigerian email. Are they doing Mad-Libs now where you can customize the topic?
  18. Lubricating cams?

    T-9 oil is the best
  19. One of the best kept secrets and one of the most pain in the ass areas to get to. Nice
  20. New Book Finally Published!

    thanks! It's up on amazon.com now