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  1. best of cc.com The Tale of Pinchy

    bump for the uninitiated
  2. So I wrote the 2nd ed to "Climbing Stronger Faster Healthier: Beyond the Basics" from scratch and managed to produce a 700+ page book. The 2nd ed. is WAY better than the first. Hope you like it! -Mike Link
  3. New Book Finally Published!

    glad ya liked it! Is my book at the B'ham library? That's awesome.
  4. Holy fucking shit! You are one tough motherfucker and it sounds like a case of bad luck that you didn't deserve. Glad you're still with us.
  5. Carrying your water on alpine objectives?

    didn't platypus used to have little sticker patches?
  6. Carrying your water on alpine objectives?

    every iteration of foldable waterbottles (vapur, camleback, nalgene) i've owned has leaked very early in its life. Dromlite and gatorade. I'm a fan of the 2 liter rectangle shaped opaque plastic nalgene if I use flavored water. I only care about funky taste cragging. Alpine i'm too thirsty to notice. Like cheap sunglasses, because the gatorade bottles are so cheap, you will never lose them. Blake is on the money with adding gatorade type powder. Also don't fill it all the way. The sloshing will help it from freezing.
  7. Here's a 30% code for my book for you guys: 7NLMUNEQ You can use it at my shitty e-store: https://www.createspace.com/4821607 I'll keep this code available through the end of the year. Let me know if it doesn't work. It's around 20% off with free shipping if you have Prime on Amazon Merry Christmass -Mike
  8. didn't notice that till now. I just think those are spectacular pictures!
  9. Quarks vs cobras

    That's beautiful and bad-ass, but looks like miserable climbing
  10. Quarks vs cobras

    Thanks Drew. I'll be getting the X-dreams afterall. I've climbed on nothing but Cobras for 14 years. Living in Utah didn't feed the ice stoke too much. Only so many times you can climb a route before you just don't care anymore. Doing BBB in ouray rekindled some stokage, and there are some nice looking climbs out East worth dusting off the kit for.
  11. Quarks vs cobras

    Drew, can you comment on how Cassin's compare to the Nomic? It's obvious that the Nomics are amazing and are the tool de jour, but I've heard a few people just RAVE about the Cassins. I don't know if anyone I've talked to has climbed with BOTH to make a comparison. I don't put much weight into a rave review without comparing it to the gold standard (Nomic). I'm talking about a tool for steep, sustained waterice, not alpine ice/snow or mixed. Are the X-All mountain:Nomic the Totem:Camalot?
  12. Red Rocks- Crimson Chrysalis

    I vowed never to climb that route again d/t the rope sticking clusterfuck - so scrath that "at night" idea...forgot about the raps.
  13. Red Rocks- Crimson Chrysalis

    chrimson is best climbed at night on a full moon walkign in from the road
  14. RIP Corvallisclimb

    I wonder if Tyler is aiding up the Cobra right now?
  15. staff meeting

    Kill yourself for knowing that
  16. Seeking Your Opinion - Losing Gear

    I would split the cost in both situations - it can happen to anyone. But if I were the person who dropped, I'd offer. If that person is poor, then take something of theirs around the same worth.
  17. RIP Corvallisclimb

    That said, Corduroy Boy on the other hand, was a true free spirit. The world didn't deserve him and will be a shitty, shitty place without him. He was a spaz. He was a geniune person. He didn't give a fuck what anyone though of him. I blew off his requests to climb stupid shit left and right. I'd give anything to climb something stupid with him now. He was an example to us all. It's not about how good you are but the spirit you possess. He was someone I could be myself around, joke, be an idiot, laugh, and relax. Goddamnit you will be sorely missed. I will never forget you and I'm sorry I wasn't a better friend. Love ya my "A #1 super friend"
  18. RIP Corvallisclimb

    I'm totally broken up about this. I don't think he would want to be remembered as an internet thread. I wish he was here so bad. Goddamnit
  19. New high-tech tarp. Better than tent?

    Have slept probably >500 nights in my Betalite tarp in the alpine.
  20. For all you climbers who have good jobs, I am traveling to Haiti this December and am raising money to buy medical supplies and equipment badly needed by the local free clinic. Please donate if you have the means. This country, already hit hard enough by poverty and disease, was ravaged by a huge earthquake leaving thousands dead. We even need things taken for granted like basic OTC meds, glucose monitors, hydration kits, etc... If anyone has ties to medical supply companies or pharms, send me a PM Here is the link: Haiti Link I'm getting my PA degree at Stony Brook in NY and will be going with 6 others. Thanks! -Mike
  21. Medical mission to Haiti, please donate!

    THANK YOU for the donations. You guys are awesome. Even a band-aid goes a long way when you have nothing (unless it's "flesh colored"...that's not cool).