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  1. [TR] Mount Whitney - East Buttress 9/7/2016

    way to persevere!
  2. very cool! That area is so amazing
  3. Equally impressive are the amounts of cliff bars and pop tarts consumed during such an ordeal. No wonder you could only finish 1/2 a bag of Chex mix!!
  4. a group of 4? WFT assholes? This is becoming way too fucking common.
  5. to be mathematically accurate, you would have to ADD the "suck it up". your equation implies that "sucking it up" actually takes away from "all you can do" nice photos from stairway, BTW. Someone's been doing their clickbait facebook "math" problems!
  6. (tape + opioids + quick clot + suture material) - suck it up + cell phone/spot = all you can do
  7. Anyone else have the problem that their ski boots squeeze the hell out of their calf muscles? Regardless, looking for recs on an dynafit compatible boot that's super f'ing comfortable. I ski like shit so comfort is all I care about.
  8. Which 7mm/8mm cordage for prusik?

    check out the sterling hollow block depending on your usage. indispensable on the harness
  9. wound up with the Atomic Waymaker 100. heavy but comfy since I've all but given up finding anything for my feet from rock to snow that can be technical and tolerable for more than 30 minutes
  10. awesome thanks all! looking into all those recs Kelly - I am using Maestrale with Heel Lifts (good call on the latter) will follow up with results hopefully in a few months
  11. Had to take 2 years off so I'm totally out of the loop... Finally got my foot surgery and a job that I can afford to stop climbing in hand me down Nepal Tops Any recs for a solid ice boot for various temps in Can Rock, CO, WY, and UT? also.... It's been forever since I've replaced my BD screws. Sounds like the petzl alpine screws are the shit. any thoughts on new screws? Thanks, Mike
  12. Cramps

    good point
  13. Cramps

    the science of muscle cramps is constantly evolving - way faster than any bullshit products on the market. The current theory is has nothing to do with electrolytes or pickle juice and more brain/neuro -are you overheating? -are they always in the same places? -are you doing repetitive eccentric or isotonic motions you don't normally do (lowering, holding, or using a muscle to break)? but that sounds really weird. see a neurologist
  14. The best ultralight tent for climbing

    the best ultralight tent for climbing is the one having the most fun
  15. Only thing I remember from that route was the back end of the party in front of me.... Nice job CTC on that is impressive!
  16. The best ultralight tent for climbing

    been using the same 1lb Betalight for 15 years
  17. [TR] Cinderella - East Buttress 6/4/2016

    awesome^10 please keep posting your trip reports which have the highest ratio of adventure to spray on the site
  18. Favorite leader packs?

    bd magnum