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    Hey, What are the best bibs? They all seem very expensive, so I want to do a little research before buying. I like the Arc'teryx half pant half bib pants. Can't remember the model name. Anyone have advice?
  2. JIMI


    I have tried them all and found the BD Moonlight to be the best for the following reasons; lower cost more light better fit durablity works in most situations Just my 2 cents. JIMI
  3. What or where is Barrabes? I wouldlove to know where I could find plastic boots for $125. For the money I would get the Degrees, even thought I think the Scarpa is better. When you think about it, you have to have at least two boots. A general boot for summer and easy quick stuff, and a hardcore boot for winter and long hauls. To me it seems that having a boots that fit the wides range is best. That's why I like the Scarpa for the hardcore and I'm still thinking about a new general boot. Has anyone tested the Technica Altitude? I would like your input. JIMI
  4. I can't believe it, a real reply from dan..pat..smith! I knew you had it in you. JIMI
  5. I think you might want to post this in the general area, where more people visit. I'm not sure if anyone comes to this area. The only swelling I get when coming down from the summit, is my HEAD! Someday my head will be soooo big I might get on the cover of Outside or something. HA Ha !! Keep climbing! You know Who!
  6. I like all the feedback, thanks! Fishstick makes a lot of good points about really thinking about use. Given that I'm not a tech millionair or lottery winner, it's nice to get some sound advice. I was wondering about the new pants with the Schllll (can't spell) material. They always looked cool, but the price was never right. I'm not one to spend big dollars on something unproven. But now it sounds like people have tested the Schllll and it works. The big question with Schllll, is once it's wet and you take it off for bed, does it dry fast? Has anyone used it for 5 plus days in a row? If the Schlll stuff really works, I will probably save and cut off my right arm and buy it. And just use my old pants as back up. See you at the summit! JIMI
  7. Hey everyone, It's time for me to retire my old and wornout REI snow pants. I want to get something a little more technical, but don't want to cut off my leg to afford them. I'm not sure if full on bibs are the right choice or should I get another pair of pants? I have been thinking about the Arc'Terx pants which come up higher in the waist, but they're not quite a bib. I would like input on what people find most useful. Thanks, JIMI
  8. The reason why I'm asking about this guy, is that there are not a lot of examples of A-A climbers out there. I'm trying to get any information on this guy. I think climbing could be like tennis, golf, and many other sports which have not historically had A-A involved. Who know's? There could be others who I would also like to find out about, if anyone has information. Thanks, JIMI
  9. Has anyone ever heard of the a mountain climber by the name of Elliot Boston? If so what have you heard?
  10. Hi, I'm looking to meet people who are interested in climbing and training for climbs. I live in Portland. My goal for this season is Alaska, so I need to get after it pretty hard, now. I'm not a pro climber but have some good experience. I will not go high on a mountain with someone who can't save my life in an emergancy. E-mail me at jimiluv@hotmail.com Happy climbing! JIMI
  11. Does anyone have an opion on tow way radios? I'm looking into the Motorola line as well there are a couple others out there. What have people found that work and what does not work. Are these a waste of time because of limited range, most are liited to two miles. Give me your thoughts and reviews. Thanks!
  12. Has anyone incorporated swiming into their training? I have started off and on, I like how it gives a great stretch after lifting and maybe it helps your body use oxygen better. I don't know. I'd like to find out what others have experienced. JIMI
  13. I feel for you. I shattered my wrist last year and was in a cast for 6 month's. I tried to keep up the workouts, but let me tell you, it's not the same. My advice is to focus more on your diet. Keep the weight off. Once your healthy start lifting again. I made the mistake of thinking I could still eat like I was when I was burning 3-4000 calaries a day. When your hurt all your activity decreases and the calaries just sit there. I hate to discurage (sp?) you but it's the truth. I did ride the bike and played squash with my left hand, it helps. Just my two cents. JIMI
  14. I forgot to mention that running stairs and trail running are the best ways to take your game to another level. If you continue to train hard enough for your body to handle the pounding. That's the trick here, we're all getting older and our bodies have to be tough to handle the demands of climbing. That's why when you walk into work after a big climb hardly able to walk, and your coworkers ask "why do you put yourself through all that?" you can reply proudly "Because can!" JIMI
  15. It seems courtenay has the most common sense here. When it comes to the gym, why try to make it into the outdoor's. You should focus on making your body and heart stronger while in the gym. Use your pack for what it was intended, and GET OUTSIDE! Don't be afraid of a little rain, snow, mud, or whatever. Mountain climbers are suppose to be HARD! As far as recovering from injuries. The gym is the best was to make your body strong again. You can control the amount of intensity (sp?) and duration. Without finding yourself miles away from your car or facing an obsticle (sp?) to great. I spent all of f---ing 1999 in a cast for one reason or another. I've spent all of 2000 geting ready for 2001 climbing season. My moto is "there's only one way back, THE HARD WAY!" Meaning you have to you have to get after it. Just my two cents. Hope to see you at the summit. JIMI
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