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  1. Hood Pics

  2. Thanks for posting this. I've always wanted to check out the Dolomites ... this will be excellent day dreaming material.
  3. Tilly Jane A-Frame on Mt. Hood

    Rich Kednay sadly passed away this past year. He was a hardworking and selfless caretaker for the A-Frame for many years. I believe ONC took a lease on the A-Frame through the Forest Service this year. You can book the shelter on ONC's web site - http://onc.org/CalendarTJ. ONC are good people and I believe they will do their best to manage the A-Frame true to Rich's legacy and hardworking vision. Although the door will now be locked, I would imagine that on most weekends you will find someone there, and those folks will hopefully be welcoming to cold and tired skiers and other backcountry users.
  4. Steph- Here's to a speedy recovery!

    Yikes. I responded to a compound fracture of the tib/fib in the Bugs back in '03 and stayed with the patient while they called in the mounties. I can imagine those 2+ hours took some serious moxie to get through so props to you for sucking it up. I got a letter several weeks/months later, and she was on the road to recovery, but it was a long road. There is light at the end of the tunnel ... and hopefully some IV dilaudid in between.
  5. [TR] Snow Creek Wall - Hyperspace 9/11/2010

    Doug's just bitter b/c he was hoping for a firmer massage.
  6. [TR] Mount Hood SS 09-04-2010

    Congrats on a good climb. Based on the photos, I would recommend you all get some instruction before taking on more difficult objectives. Folks here are trying to keep you all safe.
  7. Mt Hood Climbers Guide

    cc.com = the frickin jerry springer show lately.
  8. ?Rapping Snow Creek Wall

    Yeah that walk off is dangerous ... and rapping is always a risk. Someone should just install a tram and then everyone would be happy.
  9. [TR] Bugaboos - Various 7/18/2010

    Lisa, I climbed there the first week of September in 2006. We had good weather, but by the end of the week the crevasses below the B-S col were almost unpassable. More snow this year, so you may be fine.
  10. [TR] Bugaboos - Various 7/18/2010

    Man I love that place.
  11. I was thinking this but wasn't going to say it but since it was said anyway I'll go ahead and say it. Why spray before the project is completed?
  12. Awesome. Could've used this psyche when I was getting worked today.
  13. [TR] Mount Rainier - Ptarmigan Ridge 7/5/2010

    Nice Doug. Where are the pics?
  14. Mountaineering Boots

    I've loved my Invernos in the past but don't actually wear them much anymore. In the end, whatever fits best is the right choice. Usually, a boot will just feel right compared to the others, and that's the one to go with.
  15. Biggest Sprayer?

    Ah those numbers don't tell the whole story. True spraying is a function of the number of posts/number of years on the site. Kevone was a late arriver so he may win - although Dru wins hands down either way, even with the multiple personalities.
  16. I'm looking for someone who wants to share gas and driving duties from P-Town to the Bugs on July 25th. I've got a car and major marathon driving mojo, and I'll be meeting up with my climbing partner in Golden, but I need some good conversation, your major credit card and some new tunes. I'll be making the return trip on August 1st or 2nd. Long walks on the beach are boring. Candlelight dinners make me uncomfortable. And I couldn't care less about your emotional baggage unless the fickle Canuckian border guards have problems with your criminal past. Other then that, I'm a really sensitive guy and a pleasure to spend 12 hours with in a car.
  17. Nice Bill. Getting a little stir crazy weren't ya?
  18. Skiing Cascade Volcanoes

    I don't think its open yet, but call the Hood River Ranger District - 541-352-6002 - and they will tell you.
  19. Yeah I had a blast fer sure. 10+ sounds right to me.
  20. We climbed Solid Gold yesterday - 6/27/10. Conditions were sloppy from Snow Lake on. The bivy sites at Lake Viv are snow free and dry. We had sunny weather, stellar conditions and a full moon - a long awaited weekend of alpine rock. I thought the first pitch was pretty physical with some awkward moves transitioning from the chimney into the stellar R facing finger crack - a good morning wake up. If you're not in a hurry, wait till the sun hits the route. We were thinking of the long hike out and ride back to PDX and were up early. Brrr. On p2, I got stymied by the crux move on the .11- roof and ended up resting on what felt like a questionable TCU at the lip. The moves aren't that hard - a little awkward - but the pro seemed a little sketchier then it actually was. The last corner pitch was stellar, clean and super fun. Good stances make for some pretty straightforward TCU plugging and chugging. .11- seems a bit generous, but I've got tiny fingers and there are some pretty thin sections. Overall, the climbing is sustained on clean rock with good pro at the cruxes. My P was kind of unimpressed with the line - the sit start to the west ridge sounds about right - but I definitely enjoyed it. Makes for a long two-day weekend from P-Town, but its worth it for even one night in such a great setting. Oh yeah, and I thought the goats were a little too friendly, but it turns out the snaffles are worse. I woke up in the middle of the night with one of the little buggers cuddled up next to me in my sleeping bag. Wayne's topo and Sol's rack rec are dead on.
  21. half dome nose rawk

    totally freakish
  22. LCK - WTF is your problem?

    If the moderators had any balls at all ... ... they would figure out how to key up some sweet elevator/soap opera music when someone clicks on this thread.