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  1. Did I cheat on my wife? A TR

    The first line caught my attention. Then I realized you were talking about a mountain. I was going to quote something about experiance and bad judgement but I cannot remember exactly how the the statement goes. you probably know what I'm talking about though. Sounds like Mt. Hood has a thing for you too. Wade
  2. Dont Know about Midnight Rambler but This house of Sky has probably zero avi danger unless you do the pitches up in the bowl and I have never seen the snow that deep up there. It is usually pretty bare from the chinooks. The only trouble I have had is access, the drifts in the ghost are pretty bad. If you can make it as far as the good the bad and the ugly you have it made. Most of the climb is in a real tight gully similar to grotto falls. Make it a point to go in there. The drive is long. but the area is really cool. By the way how many post to get off of Lurker Wade
  3. Have to give a thumbs up for This House of Sky. Nice long climb relatively easy, you can solo most of it if you have climbed any ice at all. Does have a couple of steep parts. One suggestion is to rappel the route. The walkoff is not all that fun, and hard to find if someone hasnt made tracks.
  4. Place Names

    How about Athol Idaho. If you say it fast it sounds better.
  5. This is what you want-This is what you get.

    The seven devils have a lot of potential. and I'm not sure what has or has not been done. The problem I've found is that the access road doesn't open up until late in the season and there is a lot of talus around the peaks. If anyone is interested in exploring the area I could show them around a bit.
  6. This is what you want-This is what you get.

    where exactly east of the seven devils? there is a lot of Idaho in that direction, and lots of granite.
  7. This is what you want-This is what you get.

    Hey dont tell people about the wallowas I still have unfinished projects there!
  8. try www.compusmart.ab.ca/resqdyn/current.htm Its Cyril Shokoples web site and has the best canadian conditions I've found so far. and Alex the canadian girls are nice and dont care if you are a yank or not. They are cute too. Its getting late in the season for ice but I'm sure with some looking you should still be able to find something. good luck and post something if you do any good.
  9. Grivel Rambo 2 vs. Axar

    Ive been climbing with Rambo ice tools for several years with evolution picks and they work really well.they have smaller diameter shafts than most tools and are lighter than most. A friend let me try his quasar tools last year before they were discontinued. The axars are supposed to be fashioned after them . the one thing I liked about double bent shafts are the way they handle cauliflower ice, they dont lever out like my Rambos on bulges but they dont work very good on low angle ice they are hard to swing correctly. I plan on purchasing a set of axars for waterfall ice climbing but for alpine stuff I'll stick with my Rambos.
  10. ice climbing partners

    Hey canmore is cool. I ususlly go to canada at least a couple of times a year. Let me know if you have a free weekend in January we'll hook up and go do some climbing. lots of WI3/4 to do up there.
  11. ice axe for sale

    1 lowe big bird ice axe for sale tube pick and tube adze. nice collectors item. make offer.
  12. ice climbing

    has anybody been to canada lately? I will be looking for partners for weekend trips to girbralter wall during Dec.