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  1. Rock Climbing Washington reprint Spring 2000. Comments and corrections requested. Rock Climbing Washington is scheduled for a reprint in the Spring of 2001. This is an opportunity for climbers to comment on the guide and correct any errors or clarify any confusing or misleading route information. If you have an issue with any route information in the guide, please send your comments to corrections@climbingwashington.com. Please don't disagree with ratings unless you feel they are way off (two letter grades or more). Please do point out safety concerns not addressed in the guide. No new routes will be added, but if you've done a new route and want to report it, let us know by sending email to routeinfo@climbingwashington.com and we'll post it on the Route Info page. Thanks! Kris
  2. Barrabes in Spain

    I wanted to let you all know that we just got the Charlet Moser ice tool from Barrabes, and it came in about a week! I am totally impressed with this place and you can bet that I will get all my non-US made gear there! Charlet Moser Pulsar = $190 here, $111 (total including taxes/shipping) from Barrabes! Kris
  3. Barrabes in Spain

    I didn't see this one mentioned - http://www.barrabes.es/barrabes/homedept.asp check out their awesome prices on non-US made things...shipping isn't too bad, it still comes out way below what we would pay locally. [This message has been edited by kks (edited 11-03-2000).]
  4. Marymoor and UW rock section?

    Jeff is now selling "Pumping Concrete" guide. There is more information on how to get it at http://www.climbingwashington.com/books. Kris [This message has been edited by kks (edited 11-03-2000).]