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  1. fightin'

    The only thing you should fix is the cable. Still living in the parents basement, Dru?
  2. Muir on Sunday

    There was a guy kite boarding on Hood a few weeks ago. He was ripping it up!
  3. Wake up America

    Gotterdammerung=Serenity Like everyone else, he probably got bored with this place.
  4. Osprey Variant 28 Pack- $80 (lightly used)

    Read the thread title.
  5. Beautiful weekend (22-23rd) on the Sandy glacier?

    Its easily doable in a day with an early start so you dont have to carry all the bivvy gear but it is a beautiful location and you are very likely to be there all by yourself. Unless I do the circumnav.
  6. Hell

    Last time I climbed in Hell was at least 12 years ago. Are there still a billion rattlesnakes around?
  7. Ohhhh Canada.....

    Is that because your ass works just fine?
  8. Sobo's Updates...

    Yeah, but its from fucking SEATTLE.
  9. where does todd bibler hail from?

    Its always climbing season in Montana
  10. Sobo's Updates...

    Pick me up some hash please.
  11. [TR] Mt Hood - Traverse 3/9/2012

    Having done the cirucmnav in a day, I've always wanted to go back and break it up into an overnighter. Sounds like a fun time and a wise decision to call it short.
  12. They're a MIRACLE!

    He sounds like the last gasping breath of someone just disconnected from an iron lung.
  13. 49 Degrees North

    On a road trip to Nelson and back we stopped at 49 on the return leg and I loved it. If you've ever been to ski bowl on mt hood it's similar to that but better.
  14. FS: G3 Rapid Transits 178cm

    Link to your photos doesnt work.
  15. Blackwater Question

    The irony of a backwater thread turning into a country music love fest renews my belief in santa claus
  16. Have any of you ever effed up your neck?

    First time I fucked up my neck, shiatsu put everything back. Second time I had some pretty severe tingling in my fingers, etc which is a sign of nerve impingement. Like a dumbass I went to a chiro who nearly paralyzed me. CT Scan showed two ruptured discs pinching my spinal cord nearly in half. Get it checked out.
  17. REI appeals Monika Johnson's case

    REI could have settled this matter long ago without accepting or admitting any liability whatsoever. Settlements of this nature occur every day. The ill will generated from this incident will surely cost REI more than any settlement may have.
  18. Which companies have the best customer service?

    Native customer service flat out sucks. Lifetime warranty? Oh sure, but you have to pay a $30 "handling charge." I bet the shades didnt even cost that much to manufacture. First pair I bought, I wiped the lenses with windex. Turns out the reflective coating came right off. No mention in the literature or their website about it. Called them up and was directed to their website return procedure, which involved sending in the entire sunglasses. And a check for $30. And a note complaining about a lifetime warranty that costs $30. Couple months go by and I get a brand new pair and they refunded my $30. Cool beans aside from not having my sunglasses for 3 months. Second pair, same thing happened without the windex being involved. This time I was told from the start it was a defect in manufacturing and told to send them in again and I would get a new pair. Sure enough they did, again taking two months, but this time they shorted me on the dummy cord. I really like the glasses themselves but the quality leaves much to be desired. CS is slow. Last pair I bought at REI to bypass the bullshit.
  19. I recently made an adirondack chair out of some old skis I had laying around and would like to make another. If you have any old, worthless skis you wanna get rid of drop me a line and I'll pick them up. Thanks
  20. WANTED: Old Skis (Portland Area)

    Next Adventure had cleaned them out last time I was there but I will check it out. Thanks.
  21. Beacon

    You forgot poison oak. Its a rare trip to beacon where I dont get it somehow.
  22. live music

    If you sit at the bar, I'll put bread in your jar.
  23. Ecuador Climbing?

    There's a climbing shop in Quito not far from the main square where you can get all kinds of local information and gear. They even rent some. Also check at the South American Explorers Club in Quito.
  24. greg mortensen, bs artist

    Krakauer? Understated? Are you sure you have read his writings before? The Tillman book is hyperbole from page one. Thin Air started out as a magazine article for Outside. Understated?