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  1. Headed to Fuji Shelter 1-18

    I will never understand why anyone would want to go into the wilderness with such a massive group.
  2. [TR] Denali - Cassin Ridge 6/2/2012

    Great job fellas!
  3. If you are going to use my name at least get it right. Hows it going Wes? My first experience on skis was with silvretta's and mountaineering boots. Major suckage! So I take it that you still haven't figured out how to use the AT setup that Rbw1963 and I set you up with ... keep on mushin'
  4. Where are they now??

    Extremo mountain dude
  5. army of one (baby jeebus)

    Granted, it was a while ago, but when I was in the Army a 'ringknocker' was a west point grad. And I never heard one single mention of masons the entire time I was in.
  6. Cleaning out my basement and came across some old crampons with leather straps. Light service rust. $20 and a 6-pack of Jubel. Local pick up only as its not worth the hassle of trying to ship them. I also have the upper halves to two BD traverse poles (old models). Free to local pick up. Sorry, no pics. I live in Sellwood and work downtown. I can also meet somewhere in Portland but that might cost you a beer or two.
  7. Yard Sale

    Basement cleaning sale! Everything must go! All prices do NOT include shipping. If its still listed, its still for sale. No reasonable offer refused! I'm in Portand Used climbing skins, trimmed to fit K2 Mt. Bakers that are around 180 in length. $20
  8. Yard Sale

    Bump. Only thing left are the skins. Cmon kids make me an offer or its going to goodwiill
  9. Yard Sale

    I believe they are size 12
  10. Yard Sale

    Skins are still available. Let me know if you want them.
  11. Yard Sale

    The mittens are shells with a removable liner.
  12. Yard Sale

    All PMs responded to
  13. WTB -- Walkie Talkies

    I have a pair that I won in a raffle that you can have for $20 plus shipping.
  14. SE Tacoma burglary shout out

    Judging from all the video cams, it appears to be a lovely place to live.
  15. YUMMY!!!

    What wine goes best with that?
  16. locked down spray

    ***this space for lease**** We need more ads
  17. scot'teryx sighting

    Must be all the weed he smokes.
  18. .

    I've got some old skins that are cut for Mt. Bakers that I'll let you have for 20 plus shipping or you can pick them up. I believe they are around 88mm under the boot.
  19. Stupid use of FB "like" button

  20. Kindle Use in Cold Weather?

    The camp at 14K is a great place to trade out books with other climbers.
  21. 4-5 hours? Maybe you need to add some wheels to your walker.
  22. Life insurance for a climber??

    This is NOT true. They have 2 (two) years in which to uncover any misrepresentations. This is true in WA as well as OR. Should you die during that two-year period and the insurer uncovers any misrepresentations, your beneficiaries receive nothing. When I bought my policy, I told them the truth: that I 'was' a climber but had stopped climbing. The specific language the insurance company used was 'roped' climbing (apparently unroped climbing was cool). After two years I started climbing again, albeit sporadically. Think long and hard about what you say when applying for life insurance. If you are turned down, or make any misrepresentations that result in being turned down, you go into a database that other companies check when you apply elsewhere.
  23. Sobo's Updates...

    Do you get to carry a gun?
  24. fightin'

    Like a monkey on crack. Why does that interest you?