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  1. Over-40, NS, HWP, likes all things alpine up to 5.9 looking for like-minded person. Turn ons include granite, bomber cam placements and cold beer. But seriously, folks - all of my usual climbing partners have become unreliable (kids, spouses, houses - the usual reasons) and so I'm looking for others interested in alpine routes. Been climbing 20 years and have done most of the classics and a lot of not-so-classic routes. Starting in July I will have weekends off. I live on the east side (of the mountains, not Seattle) but can meet wherever. E-mail me!
  2. dana design sphinx?

    I'm considering the Dana Design Sphinx pack as a crag/alpine/ski pack. Has anyone had any experience with this rig?
  3. khamsin 30?

    Has anyone used the Arcteryx Khamsin 30? I am looking for a day pack of that size that climbs rock/ice well. Have looked at the BD Stone pack but it has no provision for attaching crampons (despite having two tool loops). My main concern is the fabric - is it burly enough to stand up to rock routes where it might get beat around a lot? I own several other Arcteryx packs and love 'em all (especially the Bora 40).