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  1. Ptarmigan Traverse (S. Exit Options)

    I am pretty sure people are defying the closure to exit normally. Mainly it is the USFS covering their ass because of the burn. You can drive very close to Downey Creek. The exit past Ross and Totem Passes to the Suiattle will be a lot longer, but at least it will be hard. I think the bigger issue will be getting a week of good weather in June.

    hold on a sec, this is better:

    The NF of Terror should be on your list:
  4. Two other cars, neither hit, but both arrived some time after we had left. No strange vehicles or people when we were there.
  5. Yes! A great trip in the early summer, though imagine the fire has changed the north side.

    The CMC route on Mt. Moran has some great views out over the environs of Jackson:
  7. Looks like you brought a proper camera. Bravo!
  8. North Cascades Highway Summer 2022

  9. Whatever happened to Dan Helmstadter?

    cool, thanks for that link @bargainhunter!
  10. I really miss the insane reports he used to regularly post around these parts. I hope he is alive and well! This page goes dark after 2013: http://www.summitpost.org/dan-helmstadter-ski-resume/434097

    A grand looking North Face:
  12. Trip: South Early Winters Spire - SW Couloir Trip Date: 05/14/2022 Trip Report: Wow, it has been a long time since I did a TR on here. Maybe that is because I am mostly climbing middle aged weekend warrior stuff these days, of which there is no end of TRs in this database. But, I was reminded yesterday, those trips are still quite a hoot, even almost 30 years since I first started rambling around the North Cascades. I mean what's not to like a about driving a couple hours from your warm bed, skiing up to an aesthetic couloir and tagging a purty summit with good friends? Even if two of those friends wanted to start two hours after you did and the other friend forgot their skis and set it all back another hour? But none of that could detract from the timeless fun of good times in the hills with old and new friends. And, truth be told, the SNAFUs actually all worked out for the best, since we had the summit to ourselves during the only sunny spell of the day. And that is why, even though I've lost count of the number of times I've climbed S. Early, I will be back! @therunningdog and Sara on the approach: @cfire booting up the SW couloir in a squall: The best ambiance: The stoke was high for Sara! Cumbre!: Selfie: Mind the gap: Typical shenanigans on the descent: The route: Across to Golden Horn and Tower: @cfire ready to slay the schmoo: Whistler Peak from the highway, apres: You don't bring an end table for TH apres snacks? The always beautiful Silverstar between squalls: Gear Notes: Helmet, axe, crampons, flotation. Rope is optional, depending on your comfort with the exposure. Approach Notes: Park at Blue Lake TH and go up! You can't miss it.
  13. Yes, the Beckey gas station napkins weren't quite up to the task.
  14. It's true, we were woefully unprepared!
  15. Skinning up/descending that way would have been fairly unpleasant. The snow was pretty terrible. But hey, beats mowing the lawn!

    I have been slacking! But @dberdinka never does when he is in the hills. Here he is heading to the North ridge of Torment:
  17. Absolutely incredible, especially that first Big Four photo. Wow!
  18. Hwy 20 Opening 2022

  19. Hwy 20 Opening 2022

    https://lakechelannow.com/north-cascades-highway-update/ Seems like next weekend isn't going to happen, mid May this year?
  20. Hwy 20 Opening 2022

    https://www.anacortesnow.com/news/community-news/4749-snow-clearing-on-north-cascades-highway-making-progress Next week!
  21. question Hardshell bib pants

    Oh, I know. But that dad joke was just too good to pass up!
  22. question Hardshell bib pants

  23. GONE! Free framed Scurlock photo

    I'm heading to pick this up this weekend, thanks @max!!

    I need to plan a Canada trip next season. I mean, just look at this view from the front porch of the Stanley Mitchell Hut!