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    Can anyone name the route (not you @curtveld)? It should be on your list this summer!
  2. A few years ago it took several hours to get a ride from Colonial Creek to Easy Pass, despite chatting dozens of people stopping in to use the bathroom. It was crazy. One person, no packs.... and it would have been right on their way to Mazama. Am I that scary and smelly after 3 days? We ended up looking so dejected after several hours of this that someone heading west turned around and drove us back east!
  3. guye peak improbable traverse rockfall

    I agree, a fun romp! I took my dad up it in the 90's because he wanted to do an "alpine climb" to see what all the fuss was about. I think it was the only time I belayed him up anything (we hiked and scrambled together on many trips), and he never asked to go on another "climb". So, maybe don't ask his opinion of the Guye Ramp route.
  4. Nice work all! That's a long day....
  5. [TR] Olympic National Park - Mt. Olympus in a day 06/23/2022

    I thought the "in-a-day" thing for Olympus was pretty normal (though impressive), for both men and women these days....but maybe I'm wrong?

    Yep! Hiked our last section, from Shi Shi to Ozette, including a repeat of the section from Cape Alava to Sand Point. Good times as always!

    It is coastal backpacking season....who is heading out this weekend?
  8. Squire Creek road conditions

    thank you @Otto!
  9. [TR] Mount Hunter - West Ridge 05/31/2022

    nice work, thanks for writing that up!
  10. Trip: The Tetons! - Complete Exum, CMC, Teewinot Trip Date: 07/21/2021 Trip Report: I broke my thumb last weekend mountain biking with my boys, so I may as well add a TR to the database while I wait to meet with a surgeon. Keep your wheels on the ground people, and don't believe your kids if they say "Don't think Dad, just send it!" But I digress from the telling of the 2021 summer climbing road trip to the Tetons.... Frequent visitors to this site will know that I have been going on week long climbing trips with @Trent for about 15 years. The last few years our friends John and @cfire have joined us, and last year was no exception. John has a sweet van and so we piled in for the loooooong drive to Jackson Hole, stopping for some free roadside camping along the Snake enroute: The next day we finished the drive and sussed out the permit situation in the park that week (not bad for walk-ups, much better than NCNP in high summer). We had car camping reservations in the park for those days that we weren't on the mountain, which helped to limit the shenanigans before and after climbs. We just got those from people dropping out the week before on recreation.gov. Then it was to bed early for a proper alpine start for the classic scramble route on Teewinot. And what a great route! Direct, solid, and scenic- we were beginning to see why the Tetons were so hyped. And also surprisingly quiet. I think we only saw two other parties all day. For how jammed the roads are in the park, the climbing crowds are pretty mellow. I would highly recommend the Tweewinot scramble as a good warm up/ acclimatization for early in the trip: And then it was back to the van, after locating a couple canoes for the next day's approach to Mount Moran's CMC route. This route was a first for me, since I had never used a canoe to approach a mountain, nor even portaged once in my life. And the CMC camp was really in a great spot, with airplane wing views across the Jackson environs. Just don't expect it to be a casual 5.6 route, we were pleasantly surprised by the challenging route finding and scrambling. As with many Cascades routes, the crux isn't always when you have the rope on. Oh, and we had the mountain and camp to ourselves, in July! The Grand: The dramatic East and West Horns on Moran: one of the best 5.6 pitches anywhere, high on the CMC: The Beast that is Moran. CMC right up the middle: And then we took a rest day in some dispersed camping outside the park, preparing for the main event- The Complete Exum on the Grand Teton. I was a little nervous with actual climbing at altitude, but I had the three rope guns of @Trent, @cfire, and John do do the heavy lifting. I just needed to make sure that I didn't miss the shot. We opted for the civilized approach of hiking to the Lower Saddle on day 1 (upper saddle was full), then an alpine start to climb and descend on day 2. We saw more people in these two days, but it was still pretty chill and totally reasonable once on route. And what a route! It is absolutely classic start to finish and deserving of it's "50 Classics" status. Completely solid, long, with a great position and straightforward descent. I won't be able to add anything that hasn't already been said of the route (plus, broken thumb, remember?) and so I will leave it to the photos..... I have no idea: Descent via impressive rap down O-S route: Which way? The end. Thanks much to @Trent, @cfire, and John-the older I get the more I value my climbing partners. The mountains are just an excuse to spend time with these solid dudes! Gear Notes: Approach shoes and climbing gear. Not much snow or ice to get to these routes in high summer Approach Notes: Follow the masses
  11. Snoqualmie Winter Conditions

    Oh right, the dreaded (from a skier perspective) all green avy forecast! That's a great indicator of good climbing conditions.
  12. Snoqualmie Winter Conditions

    until @rat and @Marko weigh in I would say your typical rain on snow event (FL 6-8k) followed by Fraser outflow cold snap (wait a couple days for it to firm up). Seems like we get at least one or two of these a year. But, I know those routes get climbed in all sorts of conditions..... Full disclosure, I have never climbed hard routes up there!
  13. [TR] Mount Hunter - West Ridge 05/31/2022

    If you click on the photo, it opens the photo viewer, where you can click twice more to get to a level where I could read it on a desktop monitor. Not sure about a phone....
  14. [TR] Mount Hunter - West Ridge 05/31/2022

    Awesome! Looking forward to the full report. I deleted the duplicate....
  15. Rope Solo Systems for Free and Aid?

    Wow, this is great inside info!
  16. Trip: Mesahchie Tour - JGAP LLC Trip Date: 05/21/2022 Trip Report: One of the things I enjoy most about rambling around in the hills is figuring out the "best" way or time of year to do trips. This often takes repeated visits to a route or area, in several seasons, and maybe over as long as 10 years or more. Of course "best" is entirely subjective, but it typically means (for me) when/how the outing the the most "fun" (or, TBH, easiest). I'm not getting any younger, so I need to use all the tricks I can. It also helps to bring strong, competent, younger partners along. @geosean ably fit that role on the Mesahchie Tour yesterday and helped it all click. In the case of this tour, it took three times and ignoring some of the advice you'll find online or in a guidebook. But despite my stubborness, we were rewarded with fun turns, spectacular views, and solitude. We also had the full mix of weather, from spring to winter and back again in the span of a few hours. And the full mix of snow conditions as well, including some of the stickiest snow either of us has had the "pleasure" of skiing. But we had a great time overall, with minimal shenanigans. But just remember, "best" is in the eye of the beholder. You might hate the way we went so I'll let you figure it out for yourself. That is the part of the allure of the North Cascades, no matter the weather or season. Oh, and if you were the one who stole the catalytic converter from my '91 Civic while it was parked for a few hours at the Easy Pass TH (in broad daylight!), I hope you really needed that hit of meth. Sheesh. NF of Graybeard: Golden Horn and Hardy: Hardy: NF of Arches: The one and only @geosean Look at that, a nice path through the cornice! How civilized: My favorite view of the trip, NF of Goode: Glamour shotz by JGAP: North side of Ragged Ridge: Probably the best turns of the day, fast and smooth and in the sun: NF of Katsuk: NF of Mesahchie: Then we had some winter: Minimal shenanigans getting over Granite creek on a nice jam: Look at that footwork!: Gear Notes: leave the snowshoes at home! Approach Notes: Follow Volken or your own nose. There are options
  17. Ptarmigan Traverse (S. Exit Options)

    https://trailcatjim.com/ptarmigan-traverse-dome-peak-2021/ All things considered, not too bad in there last year.
  18. nice! that is great to hear. And I survived. back at home and on drugs. 3 pins, beer is helping as well.
  19. Awesome @olyclimber! I'm actually in the hospital right now, hooked up and waiting to get this stupid thumb fixed. Hmmmm... let's see if I can add some visual aids
  20. review source for eva foam

    Yes! Thanks @rat!
  21. I need to figure out how to edit my B&W photos better. Those are stunning.
  22. Thanks man, I am bummed to not be able to climb with you this spring @kmfoerster! We had a plan, now @Trent is going to use your skillz to finish the difficult 10 before me!

    Mind the gap:
  24. Ptarmigan Traverse (S. Exit Options)

    Ah, i guess you are talking exiting to Agnes Creek and Stehekin. That would be a pretty interesting way to exit if you didn't mind the shuttle shenanigans.