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  1. gregm said:

    mikeadam said:

    I wear shades




    glad to hear you're a bad ass in sunglasses. i'm trying to look cool/tough myself lately so i'm wondering exactly what make and model of shades you're wearing so i can sport the same look so to speak. gotta keep up with the "in" trends if you know what i mean. thanks.


    your pal,





    Heard you fell off something and died. Guess I'll have to hold off on the celebration called "tribute to an internet tool".


    Well according to the letter from Sue we found on top of mailbox peak, you should only accept fashion advice from your butt buddy Phil. Seems you follow him around like a puppy dog.


    Take care-your pal,



  2. lummox said:

    mikeadam said:

    I am a civilian contractor shitbird.

    what is that?

    btw dfa is a loser. aint no news there.




    I work on the BIAP project at Baghdad Intl Airport. I provide dignitary protection for VIP's and such. In DIA parlance it is a PSD or personal security detail. I wear shades, Royal Robbin's 5.11 tactical pants, drive around fast as hell, and shoot anyone that gets in the way. I wish DFA were here right now.


    Bleeding heart liberals need not apply.

  3. Robheadbob,


    Yadda yadda yadda. Hey violence is alive and kicking in this world numbnuts. I know that from your cozy cube selling vaseline you probably have no concept, but making insults and insinuating that someone in a combat site needs to get their head blown off is a pretty good reason in my mind to call a spade a spade and crush someone's nutsack. You seem to be a man of little substance yourself. That's for the record dickneck.

  4. You seem to make it your personal mission to try to defame certain people DFA. What inadequate childhood memory are you trying to suppress? The one where you never got picked for the team? The one where the popular kids shunned you because of your blatantly obvious male attractions? The one where you peed your pants? Does it bother you that Cro-magnon men like me can have a higher I.Q. quotient than you have?

  5. Actually I am a civilian contractor shitbird. I drive a Landrover and carry an MP-5. I already did the military thing shitheel.


    Your line of irritation borders on being completely pointless because you want to talk shit, but yet you never ante up anything worth a shit.


    You are a complete loser DFA.

  6. I Don't Know

    Listen now to what I say

    About the kids of today

    Subscribe to them all your fears

    'Til they become like you


    What poor gods we do make (x4)

    I don't know (x4)


    So listen now to what I say

    About the kids of today

    Subscribe to them all your fears

    'Til they become like you


    Teach them all your fallacies

    Contain them in reality

    Subscribe to them all your fears

    'Til they become like you


    Then a slippage happens

    In your ranks

    And causes all... your morals sank

    For us to create our own

    And we became like you


    What poor gods we do make


  7. Surf Combat

    Staring at the lifeguards

    Hear mommy scream

    I ain't got no morals

    It's a bloody wayout dream

    The noon-day sun makes you want to kill


    Mining all beaches

    Flying hands and feet

    Poison in your Thermos

    Is no fun but discreet

    Muscle Beach is now Pork Chop Hill


    Barbecuring babies

    Shish-kabob bikinis

    Napalm makes you vomit

    As it sizzles off your weenie

    Surf combat


  8. Rat Patrol


    We could use those men in tan.

    You say what do we know.

    Whoah oh oh oh oh oh.

    Whoah oh oh oh oh oh.


    What do we need to take control

    We could use the rat patrol


    What's that coming over the dune?

    Yea well that's what we know

    Whoah oh oh oh oh oh.

    Whoah oh oh oh oh oh


    Chasing them halftracks

    Across the sand flats.

    Got a nice pine box for that desert fox.

    Machine guns blaring

    And Arabs staring

    Wondering why the Westerners are there.

    It's the same old story

    And it never ends. It'll happen again. Whoah oh oh oh oh......


  9. DFA,


    You are in my mind about the biggest piece of shit that I have ever seen come up on this site. If anybody is going to get their fucking head *censored* it will probably be yours because believe me, when I get back I AM going to come and find your retarded little ass. I'll be sure to bring one of my friends along who UNLIKE you IS a Dr. to patch you up long enough to enjoy the ride to county med. Fucking pussy. Why don't YOU come over here and see how long you last.


    Hey, why doesn't someone I know go over and bitch slap DFA the next time you see him.


    Thanks in advance




    P.S. Dru, I don't know if I would get that $$$. I highly doubt it. I would probably have to eat dinner with that tool Bush as my "reward".

  10. Glad to see the left and right keyboard ninja's are still quarterbacking everything from the rear. Keep up the good work!




    P.S. A few days ago the airport took 30 mortar rounds and several large engagements occur frequently. You are only hearing of the casualties.

  11. uh yeah. Since I just had a 9 hour conversation with 4 Qatari soldiers who assured me we suck and Al Jazeera is not a biased news source. Did you know that over 80 US aircraft were shot down during the first gulf war and that over 10,000 imperialist invaders were killed? Me either!

  12. Did I mention that my legs felt like lead after climbing back up and over to below the lunch counter?


    As much chest pounding that goes on at this site I can't believe we were all within about 50 yards of one another and had no idea who any of us were. And I've even met at least 3 of you. Ben Manfredi and Jason Hummel were on the summit too and I never saw them either. Maybe it's because Tim T. kept directing our attention to some red headed girl he fell in love with.

  13. I've always felt that a decent randonee setup (Fritschi's with a good AT boot) is as good as regular alpine equipment. Maybe, if you're on Silverettas designed for a more approach oriented experience you might encounter some issues. I had trouble in trap crust on those (Early release-lack of aggresive turning), but could efficiently ski packed powder and ice on them. Trap crust is not going to be a problem right now though.


    Phil has a good point though. Carrying your alpine gear is just as good, as the approach is packed and bootable. Bring some running shoes for the approach or save weight and wreck your knees by wearing your ski boots.

  14. We skied too early and found the opposite of slurpy fest. Some nice sections had melted but there was plenty of knee shattering chatter on icy crusts. Lower down the snow consistency changed and became drier causing that lame ass lurching -- grabbing sensation. Lower down I traversed directly under the cornices in the initial bowl for a nice surf wave kind of atmosphere.


    If anybody wants to go back anytime next week and is looking for a partner I would be happy to hook up or share drive from Seattle area. No deadbeat liberals. Gun toting meat eating conservatives only please.