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  1. Anyone die in the N.Cascades the Weekend?

    Nice job Juan & Bobinc and everyone else. I went to PortLAND. [ 06-10-2002, 11:37 AM: Message edited by: mikeadam ]
  2. Hozomeen

    Is there a good trail to get up there?
  3. Hard Core TR

    I wish you guys would stop picking on me or I am going to take this all personally and send private messages threatening to kick your asses before I slink down behind my computer screen and register more avatars!!!! GRRRRR!
  4. Hard Core TR

    Peter, et al, I wanted you to understand this was no hair brain stunt done on the spur of the moment. Or motivated by feelings of inadequacy in the realm of the greater climbing community. I know for all of you it's difficult to understand my "summit or plummet" mentality, but I feel that I must be the standard bearer for the future. All balding, thirty somethings will appreciate my efforts. I do train pretty regularly when I'm not lying on the couch. Just last week I cranked off like 4 two arm pullups in a row, then and moved some boxes around. As a reward to myself for making it back in one piece I bought a MARMOT PRECIP COAT AT PROSKI IN NORTHBEND (PLUG ). This will also insure that I look cool, and give the impression that I actually know what I'm doing out there, because I have lightweight rain gear on while hiking the trail.
  5. South Spur, Adams

    Jon-I think it was like October 15th of 2000. That guy camping on the summit has a website somewhere. Does anyone know which one it is?
  6. Hard Core TR

    I forgot to mention that I had a MUIR HUT moment at the top (for my homies) which greatly increased my balance and confidence overall. Recommend this medicine for all serious routes!
  7. South Spur, Adams

    Oh yeah, and pill your water if you take any off that thing. I took some just below the false summit, thought I'd pilled it (????), but then got giardia for the first and hopefully the last time.
  8. South Spur, Adams

    it's like walking...pretty much more or less.
  9. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    Well damnit it was a joke! A JOKE~!
  10. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    Hey Mike O back at ya! http://www.bonestamp.com/Animations/Cartoon_BStamping-32.gif
  11. Midnight and Noontime Rock partners

    Way to go girl!
  12. Midnight and Noontime Rock partners

    Donna Top Step versus The Pope 10 to 1 on Donna...any takers?
  13. Midnight and Noontime Rock partners

    I bet SK could spank Allison's tired bones hands down!
  14. Exit 38? Is it dry today?

    It was wet and raining there this morning.
  15. Ski Mountaineering

    I am going to Adams on Sat night/Sunday if you want to head along.
  16. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    Dan-you're right. I never offered to go climbing with you when everyone was bashing you. Erik never offered to take you rock climbing either right? Here Dan if you take a look at this page you'll notice a nice note for you there at the bottom. It's been there for a long time too. http://www.alpinelite.com/about_alpinelite.htm
  17. death in the mountains

    Maybe we can all just agree that dying in the mountains is a bad thing, but with the realization that we can die anywhere, anytime. Running away from the fear of dying won't make it go away. Perhaps just trying to do routes within your abilities will alleviate alot of the speculation about how or where or when it's going to happen. Being in *control* of a sometimes unpredictable situations is what makes it fun. I've run away many times to fight again another day, but always with the deep seated understanding that if something happens it will probably happen so quick I won't be able to alter it from happening. The X factor...
  18. Tooth/Denny Peak traverse

    Hey Mike, We traversed over some of those in midwinter from the summit of Denny. Snow allowed us to avoid some sections and where we needed pro it was there, but I am not certain which ones you were looking at? If you are referring to the tower closest to the tooth then no, we avoided that one and descended into the basin to bypass it.
  19. Tooth/Denny Peak traverse

    Ok Marek, now calm down there little guy. I'm not nice like my friends are. I lived in that pass fulltime since August of last year and climbed and skied that area well over a hundred days since August, and not on the 'blue runs' either. Forgive me if I don't trumpet my own horn or post about every move I make. And for the record I wasn't bashing on Mike or Dan AT ALL, but I did send him a PM that said 'just playing around-cool climb'. I think he at least knows the intention was playful and not harmful, but why am I bothering to respond to you at all...OOOHHH Rainier's summit...HOOPTIE. Kiss my German
  20. Liberty Ridge 5/28-6/2

    It's called "RUBBERNECKING" Marek
  21. TR: Alpine Lakes Traverse on skis

    So it was one continous descent from the summit of Daniel into the valley??? Sweet! Exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks Lowell.
  22. In Praise of Scot'teryx

    I give full praise for the Muir thread to AlpineK who had the gumption to flame one right in front of everybody up there.
  23. In Praise of Scot'teryx

    And Dan Larson sux but damnit I really want to climb Rainier with that dude. Then I can be in the "I climbed Rainier with Dan Larson Club"
  24. In Praise of Scot'teryx

    If every person with a website wrote trip reports about how often we climb Bruces boulder and classic crack and a ton of other little cragster routes and then about how we hike this and that then certain websites would be huge. If certain persons around had the time to write that much on the web they wouldn't be getting much climbing skiing or hiking done at all...now would they? Who cares what anyone around here does (except Colin). Spray on-flame on-I'm gone.