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  1. gaper TR "cleaning the gutters"

    You didn't mention the approach....
  2. rope-up update

    My pooch-Hana
  3. Att'n: Greg W, Caveman, Trask et. al.

    Those 'females' look worse than the two skanks who led one of the marches into Seattle during the WTO. Were it not for fixed positions delineating the chaos I'm sure they would have been rounded up and carted off like the skum they certainly were.
  4. TR: Way heinous only read if you are tough

    I was manning the Highway for drunk drivers...
  5. TR: Kaleetan North Ridge

    Chuck, That low point in the ridge is commonly called the worst portion of the route. It's the price to pay for the finer things to come.
  6. MTB weekend

    Don't take that wrong Lammy. DG is an ultra classic ride with an honorable approach climb. It's akin to a moderate ski tour or cruising groomers all day long. RC/Sun Top are more like an in your face grunt approach to a treacherous single/double black. Plus the views are better. It's also more physical and technical. I'd go riding with you anyday though Matt. No worries.
  7. MTB weekend

    Second Mountainman on Ranger Creek ride. Devils Gulch is OK, but for the real deal you want to hit that RC instead. Devils Gulch is just plain sissy ridin'...
  8. Dwayner the Prophet

    For the record. I have posted about 15 times on this site in the last year and nothing negative. I am not Trask, I have no avatars, I don't spray on anybody or anything or socialize in the climbing community that graces this website any longer. I am not anybody on this site anymore and I like it that way. It was a humorous work distraction for awhile, but I have moved on. I climb, ski, hike, scramble or do something in the mountains almost everyday which is the real juice not this pathetic bunk. Only reason I'm on here now is because it's 2am, I'm at work and thought I'd see what was up. Seems like nothing has changed. Gossip central. Take care Eric (Pope). Mike
  9. Bouldering Peeps

    I climbed with Richard Cilley several times last year. He was indeed living in Spain, driving his moms cadillac, and could still TR the hell out of some hard granite.
  10. Friday need climb

    What a dick. I'm going to go out there and splatter Caveman all over something this morning. Gapers...
  11. Relay race

    Well let's quit gabbing about it then and just go. I can start today.
  12. Gapin' at the Ranger Station

    He likes to sandbag and make you look stupid by soloing your dream routes in Tevas.
  13. Relay race

    Stepens to SnoCrummy pass. I believe it was called the UDM for ultimate death march. it is 72 miles + and has been completed in sub 24 hours by persons in the 50+ years category. BenMan and I were talking about doing this together soon so if anybody else is heading out let me know. We can tag along for the fun.
  14. Sherpa - W. Ridge

    Jens I know you secretly support the Sierra Club...
  15. Pink partners

    You tell em Don! I knew there was a reason I liked climbing with you even if you are afraid of me...
  16. Another Troll for Fairweather and Co.

    Conventional parity was roughly discarded when it was battlefield proven that an M2 Bradley w/ 25MM firing depleted uranium rounds could knock out a T-80 MBT at 3000 meters. Previous to that all odds and NATO wargaming scenarios had shown that the Russians supported by East Germany would punch through the Fulda Gap and be in France before the end of the week. The life expectancy of the average US ground troop assigned to 3rd ID was just over 3 minutes with 19K (M1) assigned individuals being ascertained as .03% survivability and A.L.E. of 30-45 seconds... Tactical nuclear parity was in favor of the Soviets and Pershing was obsolete by the 80's... The Soviets would have crushed Western Europe and they all would be drinking Borsht right now...
  17. Another Troll for Fairweather and Co.

    Yeah well I'm not narrow minded enough to consider the whole culture defunct there tough guy. I am talking about some specific objectives without the veil being pulled over my eyes about just who and what religions are propagating a limited war. Call a spade a spade.
  18. Another Troll for Fairweather and Co.

    Oh c'mon man! I for one am sick and fucking tired of the political correct leftside being shoved down my throat in the name of human rights. What about some of the other sides right to not believe that every little bleeding heart issue needs to be taken seriously when a much larger question exists? Do you think some of these extremists are worried about the verbiage they use when they refer to us? I think they are calling us "Meat sacks" right now.
  19. Another Troll for Fairweather and Co.

    Furthermore, in case you had forgotten the Soviets had achieved roughly military parity with the western world and it was surmised that they would and could easily roll over Western Europe in 14 days. Ground combat in Afghanistan using subterfuge was superior to mass death of Euro and US combat elements...
  20. Another Troll for Fairweather and Co.

    DFA, OK smart guy let's see what you know. The Afghan situation was created by a previous generations political neccessity. Several DEA, FBI, State department heads went to Peshwar and onto Northern Afghanistan to investigate the possibility of funding the Afghan Jihad by releasing the sale of Opium (Heroin) related products into the Western World to buy guns to train and fund Muslim recruits. Many nations were involved in this and it was fully endorsed by the heads of our government during the early 80's. At the time it was perceived that the Cold War could be ended and the Soviet Union defeated using this policy. Did it achieve this end? Adamson
  21. Another Troll for Fairweather and Co.

    In case you haven't checked your history books this situation has existed since pre medieval times. They scream Jihad, we'll echo Crusade. We have the BFG's now and they don't. They should bow before us once and for all before we get pissed off.
  22. Another Troll for Fairweather and Co.

    DFA, If you disagree with killing people than you should be taking the tack that ramming hijacked US aircraft into the Twin Towers by a bunch of politically minded MUSLIM individuals is clearly the act that should be denigrated and not be pointing the finger at a government you claim is being motivated by corporate dollars. You are sounding faintly like a seditionist. Seditionists will be dealt with if it comes to that.
  23. Another Troll for Fairweather and Co.

    Matt, I would completely disagree with you that the policies we put into effect via the medium of the Afghan war did not have a crippling effect on the Soviet Union both in terms of financial but more importantly the way the Soviet people began to resist the forces of their own government. The war in Afghanistan was a direct link to the downfall of the Soviets and eventually the end of the cold war. Yes, the economics of it all were staggerring on the Soviets and it wasn't their wanton desire for 501 jeans that brought down the Berlin wall. It was the might of the Afghan freedom fighter that punished the Soviets will to resist. Artyom Borovik writes about this extensively in the "Hidden War" as well as numerous declassified state department documents and subsequent journalistic treatises by persons more intimate with it than your opinion. Dr whatever your name is....I extended that bit of info so that we could have a debate. Something you don't really seem capable of because you are firing blanks. I extended that so that you could see the extent the US was willing to go to in order to destabilize the Soviets. [ 08-02-2002, 03:58 PM: Message edited by: mikeadam ]
  24. Another Troll for Fairweather and Co.

    Sk, Yes, that would be a fair, but partly naive assumption.
  25. Another Troll for Fairweather and Co.

    I've thought about it MORE than you ever will from the safety of your office dimwit. I thought about it while I froze my ass off in the mud, thought about it while I sweated my ass off in the desert, thought about it many times when I had to put my ass on the line. Mostly I just thought about all your kids and someday mine growing up in a safe neighborhood where some Shiite raghead wasn't going to walk into Bellevue Square, proclaim himself a visionary of *God*, and turn everyone into hamburger. Facing the reality of a situation firsthand is far more valuable than speculating behind a veil of safety provided by myself and others who served. You're welcome by the way. Now please remove yourself for morning prayer call....