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  1. west coast surf about to go off

    How can they predict a 30 foot swell 5 days in advance? Past geometry?
  2. Tweak Scratch

    Wise words from member 2689....next please....next please....
  3. Tweak Scratch

    quote: Originally posted by scot'teryx: A job, yes that is what I want. But nobody wants me. Hard to get a job in the IT business in this economy for sure. Until then, I will climb outdoors while all you pussies are in your cube farms, pumping gas, flipping burgers, and picking up garbage. Wow, what a pseudo-humble attitude you have there. More delusional rambling? At least those people you're deriding have an honest job. Is your woman supporting your climbing habit, or did you get some financial aid from some of the bleeding hearts around here? I think the inference was that selling the Cascades may be OK for Fred, Jim, et al, but you need to pay some more dues. Furthermore, like I mentioned previously your wanna-be X-games, REI promoting, SUV driving, new to the wilderness ass doesn't speak for me.
  4. Fuck the Freshiez

    It's the REI price tag so he can return the helmet when he's done using it for the next 4 seasons.
  5. Fuck the Freshiez

    Mueller springs back to life as the snow approacheth!
  6. Fuck the Freshiez

    You just gotta point those bad boys downhill and str8tline. Turnings for when shit gets in your way... Don't see too many tele straightliners...
  7. Which is it?

    quote: Originally posted by chucK: People too weinerish to drive Middle Fork Sno road willing to give up rights of others to drive that road. Amen to that brother! Save the middlefork road access!
  8. The Date swap game at cc

  9. *** FRESHIES! ***

    I'm heading up to Muir right now. Wish me luck with some dry and light.
  10. trick or...climb

    The flume looks cool. Is that manmade?
  11. Muir Ski?

    Thanks Mike, office jobs are hell. If anyone wants to go up there today PM me ASAP. [ 10-30-2002, 07:42 AM: Message edited by: mikeadam ]
  12. Hmmm...

    I'm a veteran and I have guns. Talk shit. I dare you.
  13. What type of routes to you prefer?

    I like the routes with dirt, skinny branches to grab onto, devils club, talus (exposed talus on ledges is best), and loose volcanic rock. And dirt.
  14. Excuse me, I think those were my shoes!

    You're always losing stuff. You must need a nappie.
  15. TR: Observation Rock/High Caliber Rifles

    The other vehicle (small reddish truck) in the Mowich parking lot Sat morning (besides SEF's-vehicle) also had a smashed out passenger side window & busted shell. We did not stop to ask the two campers whether they had done it/seen it or it was vandalization. Perhaps they also filed a seperate report? In addition, there were beer cans and other detritus near their vehicle that was gone when we returned from our climb. If that could be located it may have fingerprint information. I was going to write down the vehicle ID, but chose not to. If they camped overnight there should have been a register with the identities of the two men camped at Mowich Lake Friday night? I'm not suggesting those two men were at fault, but it appeared that they were also victims of a similar or possible seperate incident and may be able to provide additional information. [ 10-29-2002, 10:34 AM: Message edited by: mikeadam ]
  16. TR: Observation Rock

    I'm still not sure I get it.
  17. Who ready for Ice climbing?

    quote: Originally posted by Necronomicon: Poke-O-Moonshine if I'm not mistaken, in NY. That's the one! Thanks Necro.
  18. Who ready for Ice climbing?

    Ade, That waterfall is an east coast climb? In New Hampshire? Mike [ 10-24-2002, 07:50 AM: Message edited by: mikeadam ]
  19. partner wanted for a day of ice

    In 1994 I climbed the left side of that shield with one ice tool and no clue.
  20. partner wanted for a day of ice

    That's a hard 'route' beau...
  21. Reasons to move to Alaska

    http://www.cnn.com/2002/US/West/10/18/offbeat.alaska.bird.reut/index.html Dinosaurs
  22. Rope up Trad Partner

    Attitude, My frat brother has just informed me that you are indeed one of the people we should hurt at some point. Please submit your name and address to info@alpinelite.com for further processing. Thanks, ~Frat Guy with hot wife. Not homoerotic tendencies.
  23. Rope up Trad Partner

    per capita KTK gets more you know what than the average frat.
  24. Att'n: Greg W, Caveman, Trask et. al.

    Fort Canada, Fort Switzerland, and Camp Mexico are favorites for the jet setting service dodging members of our country.
  25. Climbing Magazine threatened me!!

    quote: Originally posted by David Parker: I like to watch the Colorado and Utah climbers navigate slide alder, devil's club, gnarly stream crossings and all the other neat stuff that is special to us Cascade Climbers. Maybe that's what keeps them in Colorado and Utah!I'm from Colorado. I learned to bushwack brush in the jungle with a LAW and 250 rounds of 7.62 strapped to my back. I'd like to see some of you try to hang. Ben Manfredi would be wimpering.