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  2. Mt Adams SW Chutes

    Did I mention that my legs felt like lead after climbing back up and over to below the lunch counter? As much chest pounding that goes on at this site I can't believe we were all within about 50 yards of one another and had no idea who any of us were. And I've even met at least 3 of you. Ben Manfredi and Jason Hummel were on the summit too and I never saw them either. Maybe it's because Tim T. kept directing our attention to some red headed girl he fell in love with.
  3. I drool

    You know it too.
  4. anybody go to adams?

    I've always felt that a decent randonee setup (Fritschi's with a good AT boot) is as good as regular alpine equipment. Maybe, if you're on Silverettas designed for a more approach oriented experience you might encounter some issues. I had trouble in trap crust on those (Early release-lack of aggresive turning), but could efficiently ski packed powder and ice on them. Trap crust is not going to be a problem right now though. Phil has a good point though. Carrying your alpine gear is just as good, as the approach is packed and bootable. Bring some running shoes for the approach or save weight and wreck your knees by wearing your ski boots.
  5. anybody go to adams?

    We skied too early and found the opposite of slurpy fest. Some nice sections had melted but there was plenty of knee shattering chatter on icy crusts. Lower down the snow consistency changed and became drier causing that lame ass lurching -- grabbing sensation. Lower down I traversed directly under the cornices in the initial bowl for a nice surf wave kind of atmosphere. If anybody wants to go back anytime next week and is looking for a partner I would be happy to hook up or share drive from Seattle area. No deadbeat liberals. Gun toting meat eating conservatives only please.
  6. Glasses at exit 38

    Left them laying there at base of "My ex-wife".
  7. anybody go to adams?

    I strapped a happy meal tray to my ass and claim first such descent of said route in this style. As per Mike Shaeffer's suggestions from long ago.
  8. anybody go to adams?

    I went there again on Saturday and the road was melted out just past Morrison Creek campground.
  9. Guided Mt. Olympus.

    I propose getting a trip together for the first Chuck Taylor's and instep crampons summit assault of Mt Olympus. Levi's optional. Who's in?
  10. It's been awhile since I've posted

    So I just wanted to say YOU SUCK.
  11. TR: Adams South Route 6/8/03

    I was wondering if that tow truck was going to haul out the jeep. Thanks for the info. Great skiing up there BTW.
  12. Mailbox sans snow

    Speaking of mailbox... On a snowy day in March I went up with a couple of friends, one of which was named Greg. Finding a letter addressed to "Greg" we decided it would be safe to open it. Inside was an insanely jealous letter to "Greg" from some psycho girl berating "Greg" for planning his life around Phil Fortier's adventures. It included a detailed schedule of the amount of time that Greg spends with Phil and suggests that "Greg" will never be financially solvent enough to keep up with Phil's successful career at Macroshaft. The letter included some quotes from Ecclesiastes and was generally very amusing. Hope you got rid of that one "Greg". If you want the letter let me know. I'll put it back in the mailbox addressed to "Greg-Phil Fortier's Bitch-boy"
  13. Mammut's top of the food chain shoeller Large, but fits me narrow in the shoulders. $244.00 brand new, but I'll sell for 200.00. Worn once. The asshole that sold it to me considered it a special order and wouldn't send it back to the manufacturer or sell it in the store. Email or PM here. King, Snohomish County, Pierce county only unless you want to drive out to North Bend. http://www.mammut.ch/english/products/3clothing/alpine/new_age_jacket.htm Email at info@alpinelite.com or PM here.
  14. Mammut Schoeller jacket for sale

    Jgowans- Seattle times has a 99 Rockhopper FSR for sale in classifieds this morning. Might want to call in case they might be fencing your bike. Never hurts to try.
  15. Mammut Schoeller jacket for sale

    The bivy has been seam sealed and was used about 4 times on snow routes. Like new condition. One offer so far.
  16. Mammut Schoeller jacket for sale

    Bibler Hooped Bivy Sack. 150.00. yellow and black. You can stay tied in with this sack. I have new one in fashionable desert camo.
  17. Pro Mountain Sports in the U district

    I've had bad experiences with many of the local shops. MEC and REI rule.
  18. Mammut Schoeller jacket for sale

    Camp crampons 40.00 Ice Axe 65cm 40.00
  19. Mammut Schoeller jacket for sale

    North Face Mountain Jacket (parka) yellow and black. large. 100.00 OBO
  20. Mammut Schoeller jacket for sale

    Other items. Specialized Rockhopper FSR with new tires, grips, rear gears and tune. 500.00 OBO.
  21. Demoralizing the Troops

    Hope all you "spray babies" got your fucking asses handed to you at the Federal Building by hippy friendly SPD and Federal Police. Hope all you liberals burn in hell. Hope you try and confront me in person someday so I can choke you out using Daryl Gates favorite hold.
  22. Patriotic Blinders

    Most of the liberals on this site are some of the biggest tools on the planet. Eat shit and die losers.
  23. New York Gully TR

    Personally I like this thread. 5 stars. 2 thumbs up. Ski ice, wear helmet.
  24. Action Against a War

    The liberal left continues to display itself as a brilliant flower, visible as the decay of our culture.
  25. Impressive Troop List

    There is no 18 series course that lasts 2 years. 18 series plus additional deployments as an A team member will require somewhere around 3+ years.