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  1. Liberty Ridge Resort ?

    This is just too bad. I think we'll see more of this in/around alot of NP. I know that there is another group trying to do something like this outside Yosemite by the Mather entrance. Lame.
  2. Web Site / Bulletin Board Requests and News

    Hey Snow- Thanks for the feedback. I hear ya on the pop-up ads. We're not going to ever subject ourselves or our visitors to any sort of pop-up window. Jon and I are actually going to create a gallery page where people can post picutres of their recent trips. I don't know if we'll have an automated upload, but most likely we'll ask people to email them as attachments and then we'll post them. We're looking into making pictures upload-able as part of our route report database that is currently being developed (very slowly i might add ) Right now on the BB here you can post pictures. The pictures already have to be on the Internet somewhere. For example, I have a free web space (with annoying pop ups of course) on geocities. So I store most of my pics up there to share out. Lets say I was writing a trip report about my last jaunt up to Boston Basin and I wanted to put up a picture of myself in the post. Here is how I'd do it: 1) Upload my picture(s) to my personal webpage and note the address of the picture that I want to post to cascadeclimbers. This time I will be using the picture at: http://www.geocities.com/timdcrawford/sahale024.jpg 2) Cruise up to cc.com and write up my trip report and in the trip report use the following UBB code: ***BE SURE not to have any spaces between the Tim acting cool on Sahale peak. You can do all sorts of cool stuff with the UBB code. Its alot like HTML, but very basic, and we have an on-line tutorial which can be found Right Here! 3) Or, you could email us your picture, we'll post it to the gallery, and you can tell folks to check it out there. I totally agree with you though about the pictures. We know how climbers love to see pictures, especially of themselves, so we are going to add the gallery very soon. NEWS- I wish we could add more news on the main page also, but we really need people's help! The page is just a hobby of ours so we don't have the time to scour the net for the latest news, we'd really love it if people would notify us of cool happenings and we'll post them. I agree with you though, that as the site grows, the news will become a little bit better! Jon is working with folks from the Access fund both locally and nationally to get current Access news for the site, and we are in the process of contacting Manufacturers so we can find out about new gear before it hits the market. With time, it will become good, promise. If you, or anyone else reading this post has questions about the UBB code/posting pictures just shoot me an email at climb@cascadeclimbers.com and I'll help you out. take it easy! Tim [This message has been edited by tim (edited 11-06-2000).]
  3. Hardest Routes in the Cascades

    This has been a good debate, and there seem to be quite a few opinions about this also. How about this... if you haven't done so already, post what you believe to be the toughest route, and type: aid, ice, rock ... and we'll post a poll up here and let the masses speak! Don't mean to put an end to this great argument err discussion, but hey, I just want to use this poll script I just set up, I'm a nerd -Tim climb@cascadeclimbers.com
  4. NEW! Private Messages

    EXACTLY! I've noticed some pretty heated posts lately, this way you can ask someone to step outside... well step outside the forum that is. I'm going to add AOL Instant Messenger and Yahoo Instant Messenger add-ins so for folks that use the IM stuff can get in touch with eachother. -Tim
  5. Hey All- I just wanted to take a quick second to thank everyone for visiting and posting all the great threads on the site. I'm truly glad that climbers are using and enjoying this forum. But, being the perfectionist I am, I'm constantly looking for ways to improve this little site we have here, and I NEED YOUR HELP!! Here is how you can help: FEATURE REQUESTS I'm sure you have all surfed to quite a few climbing websites and you have said to yourself "This is cool, but I wish they had ....." . Well, let us know, and we'll try to add new featres to the site. Remember, this is YOUR site! NEWS If you have an important news story (Access, Fee/Bolting issue) that you would like to see featured, or if you want to promote a sale/slideshow, let us know, and we'll post it on the news in the BB and on our calendar. SUBMIT CONTENT I've seen many awesome personal web pages of folks that live around here, so I know there are some great writers/photographers in our midst. If you would like to share your story, or some of your pictures, please send us an email at climb@cascadeclimbers.com so we can get your masterpiece up on the site for all to see. Besides, if you submit some good stuff, you'll be the first kid on your block to have an ultra-cool cascadeclimbers t-shirt! NEATO HELP SPREAD THE WORD Tell your climbing buddies about the site, because the more the merrier! Well, that is all I really have for now. Please reply to this thread if you have any ideas, news, or if you just want to say hi. Again, thanks for helping make this site happen! -Tim
  6. NEW! Private Messages

    So I've been spending a little too much time in front of my computer lately, but I'd like to point out some of the fruits of my nerd-time. You might have seen under the main forum listings (General Discussions, Route Reports, The Rack, Fitness) that the BB now has Private Messaging. You can now send a Private message to a fellow climber in response to a post. I think this will work out great when selling gear, or trying to find a climbing partner. All private messages are stored up here on cascadeclimbers.com so your personal email inboxes won't get cluttered. (And your Boss won't get pissed for you getting climbing mails at work ) The catch- You need to be a registered member to take advantage of this goodie. Sign up, its free, and fun... well maybe not but decided to throw that in. Happy climbing- Tim The BB nerd
  7. Trip Reports in General

    Dan- Awesome reports man, we really appreciate your posts. And we totally agree with you on your "vision" of an indexed climbing journal. When we set out to create the site, that was our "vision" also, but we quite don't have the skills/resources/programing knowledge to make the vision a reality yet! The good news is, that we are working on the acutal Climbing Database! We hope to have it up sometime in December, and yes we will add all reports posted on the board to this database. We currently have the database designed, but we want to make it perfect before we send it out to the world! If you, or anyone else, has suggestions on features they would like to have in this "climbing journal", please let us know by replying to this thread or emailing us directly at climb@cascadeclimbers.com Thanks again for your support, and we're glad you enjoy the site. -Skippy