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  1. Nice! I've heard murmurs of some routes up that way and just saw Artem's post earlier today on FB. You guys have a chance to check out anything on Broken Top yet?
  2. Probably no surprise to anyone but all the gorge climbs are toast. You could maybe climb the first pitch of Crown Jewel today but everything else had a stream running through it and was fading fast. I can share more pics if anyone really wants to look at rotten ice.
  3. Nice work, we were planning on heading that way Friday morning but all the road closers kept us in place. Doubt they'll last until after Christmas sadly
  4. Thanks Kyle for sharing this in the FB groups. I've lurked here for many years but can't remember my login so made a new account. I own a few sites/forums and your costs are very reasonable, especially given the amount of content that's on the site. I donated via paypal but more importantly happy to donate some of my time if you'd like it. I don't have any experience directly with Invision and haven't written PHP in ~5yrs but don't anticipate it to be a problem. I have extensive experience with other forum softwares like vB, phpBB and XenForo doing everything from setup & administration, to developing. I live down in Salem so can't join any of your Seattle area fun but happy to hop on a call if you want to talk shop. ----- Also Kyle, the stack here can't be that archaic. IDK how much playing you've done with WP on your personal site but it can get real nasty, real quick. Even then, php isn't that bad compared to things like jsp, native asp, and whatever weird custom things people used to do in the 90s and early 2000s that some corporations still run on...
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