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  1. Ushba Ti Ice Axe - anyone have one?

    I have two in my ice axe collection, purchased some 10-15 years ago new from the factory. The price even back then was (by my reckoning) astronomical, but considering the fact that it was Russian 'state-of-the-art', fostered by development of a couple of Russia's more exotic fast-jet military aircraft) and as a 'compleat gearhead', I had to have some. It's a bit of an aesthetic disappointment from the design appeal standpoint but would certainly seem to be a strong asset on a steep slope (I once had a hickory-shafted Grivel that BROKE in two during a self-arrest on a steep slope in the Sierra Nevadas...that shook me up a bit; bought it from The North Face new and was a slight bit ...er, um...upset, shall we say?). I have one other Titanium axe in the same collection that was equally expensive but is certainly a much better-crafted example of the art. Speaking of that collection of about 40 axes, it's up for grabs if anyone is interested. Contains many excellent (some new) vintage wood-shafted Swiss, German and French specimens, including at least three of the now-much-sought-after 'Willisch' Tasch-crafted axes such as carried by Mallory and Irvine on their fateful Everest assault in 1924. Also a WW2 10th Mtn Division ski troop US-issued specimen. Give me a shout if anyone is interested in more details.